Do you want to grow all aspects of your business and life? If so, then get on board with the best way to catapult your success. Regardless of your income and title, you can stimulate the universe to a New Best Level™. Compete for goodness, and profitability will come to you.

How? By giving real feedback. Real feedback consists of words and actions, not just words. Everyone likes a compliment. But to make a significant difference, deliver the compliment and then take action to help others benefit from what you experienced. You may let the person who impressed you know of the action you will take or you can take action without letting them know.

The people you tell about your action will be grateful because you’re giving them an option to consider that has been validated. A recommendation and proper analysis on your part to engage the person can make their selection criteria much easier in the attempt to accomplish their goals. Your action shows that you are willing to put your name behind an individual to strengthen relationships.

Strengthening relationships is not who paid for lunch or who called last and all the other trite time wasters. The fundamental principle of strengthening relationships is to make sure that, after every feedback interaction (thoughts, verbal, written, body language, actions), the other person respects you even more. Like marriage, business relationships should strengthen over the years.


• I needed repairs on my home and it was difficult to find a contractor who made sense. After months of on-and-off searching, I met a lady who told me about a home contractor to consider. I hired him, my frustration was relieved, and the home looks nice. I’m glad she gave real feedback.

• I spoke at an event and the executive director willingly gave me real feedback by complimenting me with the word “excellent,” and telling me to have my prospects and clients call her so she could recommend me. She knows how to do business and build relationships.

• I know a speaker who wrote a book on executive presentation skills. I gave real feedback by letting him know that I was part of an event being planned and asking him if he could do a humorous keynote on effective executive communications. He might not have perceived himself in that role without real feedback.

• I talked with a woman who said she doesn’t like to put anything in writing that shows her name. Not good! Her career will experience stagnation. Writing something nice and making a recommendation or giving a testimonial doesn’t mean you are saying this person can do everything. What you are saying is that the person met or exceeded your expectations and others should consider them. Be specific on what you’re recommending and what results it created.

This one technique—giving real feedback—will strengthen your relationships and help people respect you more. It shows you have business sense.

Real feedback is the Law of Life! Thankfully, there are no qualifications for you to give it, and it does a lot of good. This one technique will strengthen your relationships, making your voice and actions heard about all else. Use this fundamental principle at all times to strengthen friendships, do more good, and make better money.

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