A little of this, a little of that. Use your brain! That’s what I do when it comes to living my life- be it scholastic efforts, professional pursuits, or personal relationships. I take advice and lessons from many sources, then pick and choose which is best for me. Nearly anything will sound great if you give it a chance with an open mind. If then you utilize your brain and filter what you don’t need or even don’t want, then you have your own unique way of working. Now, the finished product is your own personalized form of living. Even more importantly, the same goes for healing your body- as you personalize your approach to health, the more accurately that approach becomes who you really are today.

Acupuncture is inherently a form of medicine that personalizes your treatment, and something to consider as part of a good health regimen. Each patient is evaluated for their general constitution and how that correlates to their current condition. Tapping into small areas (points) where blockages or shortages of energy appear, the acupuncturist guides your body through stimulation with needles.

How great is it when something finally kicks in- like when you can finally feel stress relief, short of going to the Bahamas for a week. I advocate a healthy, well-balanced diet and regular, moderate exercise which may include walking, biking, yoga, tai chi, and swimming. Additionally, why not make it easier on yourself? A few little tiny needles can release hordes of tension- strange, but true.

STRESS: who needs it?

Certainly not YOU. (and me, neither!). While you may use breathing techniques, meditation, exercise, and positive mental balancing, sometimes you still might need a little help. That’s where acupuncture saunters into the room.

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Having lived in Manhattan for over 20 years, I understand what stress is about. I utilize good diet, exercise, breathing, positive thinking, and now thankfully, acupuncture. It is for me, as has been proven in numerous studies, an extremely effective way to allay that ol’ culprit- stress.

Most people wait for stress to appear in some other form before taking action. For example, some may wait for their 1st high blood pressure reading. Others wait until the chronic pain in their neck is to astronomical proportions. And some just let their yin (that cool, dark, quiet side of ourselves) burn out slowly before anxiety and insomnia claim space in their life. If you can recognize that your stress levels are too high, the best course of action is to reduce those levels in whatever ways are suitable to you, even if you have to make some drastic change.

However, drastic change is not always warranted. Acupuncture provides a deep sense of relief to a stressed-out individual. Old tensions, still held in the body are released, while new, more flighty anxieties are grounded. The subtle flow of meridian energy is restored, and you are more vibrant while at the same time, more grounded and relaxed.

Remember yourself? Yeah, you’re that free and easy wanderer – roaming the earth as a willing participant in all the joy it has to offer. So, I invite you to rediscover the real you: relaxed and at ease.

7 Tips to Reduce Stress

1. Get fresh air.
2. Allow the light in- wear a hat or sunscreen, but take in that sun.
3. Exercise.
*note: you can do all 3 by simply taking a walk!
4. Eat a proper diet. Many opinions, but only yours counts- if you are unsure of
what is a healthy diet for you, consult a nutritionist. I can certainly offer
suggestions to you as well.
5. Be social. Studies have shown that people who live the longest, healthiest
lives follow most of these principles, and having an active social life ranks at
the top.
6. Avoid hurrying. The more time you give yourself, the less stressed you will feel.
7. And, of course, I advocate getting regular
Acupuncture Treatments to help minimize the effects of stress on your life.

Author's Bio: 

A New York State licensed acupuncturist, Nanci Simari holds a master's degree in Oriental Medicine, including the NCCAOM certification in herbal medicine. Additionally, she has been working in the healing arts for 12 years, with an emphasis on Western medicinal herbs.

Her areas of interest include stress reduction; pain management, including low back, neck, and joints as well as migraines and other headaches; and women's issues, including PMS and infertility.

She is a caring practitioner who takes the time for your individual needs. It is her hope that you leave the treatment feeling happier and healthier.

Nanci is available by appointment in her Mastic Beach office, or in your home, for house calls! You can contact her for Long Island and NYC treatments by calling 631-729-3005 and visiting