Pearls of Wisdom: Shades of Grey, Strike a cord, In one ear and out the other

Back at the beginning of time we were one strand of energy. This strand vibrated with the frequency of unconditional love, Pure White Light. At some point we decided to split our energy into multiple strands, like using a large prism to create a colorful rainbow. Each color having its own unique frequency, and within each color there exists a multitude of shade variations, each of which carries its own unique frequency. All of these new strands represent the entire emotional spectrum. Just like the color spectrum has specific colors that stand out as separate from each other, as well as an infinite number a shades in between, so does the emotional spectrum. The vibration of Unconditional Love is really a blend of all of the other emotions with the added component of wisdom gained through experience. Emotionally speaking, the old phrase, ‘shades of grey’ takes on a whole new meaning!

For the sake of this illustration I am going to assign colors to certain major lessons. White represents a state of Unconditional Love. Red represents the ability to express oneself with complete honesty, love, and compassion at all times. Blue represents the ability to be honest, loving, and compassionate at all times. Green represents the ability to accept and allow the Flow of Divine love, compassion, and honesty at all times without getting caught up in the drama, to be in the world, not of the world. These three colors represent the primary colors as we know them, and of course all other shades are derived from these three. So, too are all of our lessons derived from these three basic concepts.

The journey of our soul has been about blending all of the strands of color back into the Original White Light. Each time we heal an emotional issue, wisdom is gained through a new perspective. This wisdom is reabsorbed into the central column of Love, the White Light. Eventually when each and every last strand has been healed, and the wisdom attained through the experience has been assimilated into the central column, the central column shifts from Love to Unconditional Love with Wisdom Gained. We come full circle realizing that we had it all along, we just had to go through the experience of seeing ourselves as separate shades of color in order to gain the emotional wisdom to go along with what we knew intellectually to be White Light.

I see this process as a spiral of energy. We start at one point on the spiral in a state of unconditional love. We bend and separate our energy into the multitude of colors so that we can experience things in a different way. We gain wisdom through our experience and slowly reclaim the individual colors until we are whole again. When we become whole again, when we have reached that state of unconditional love, we are back on the spiral in the same place horizontally, just higher up on the spiral vertically. Imagine a spiral staircase, we start at the front of the staircase, move around the spiral and eventually end up back at the front of the staircase. The difference is that we are on a higher step than when we started. This is a process we repeat over and over again!!! We do it in the earth realm, the spiritual realm, and every other realm, even the ones we don’t currently have names for. Take this concept a bit further and imagine the pure white light I “started” with is really just a strand of another version of pure light, just as that is yet another strand of yet another light, and so on and so on, each time we come full circle we attain greater and deeper wisdom.

Every Day applications:

When I am having a discussion with a client and they are speaking to me, threads of energy leave their body and come into my own energy field. (For the sake of this illustration let’s say the thread of energy is red in color.) Once in my energy field, my own energy creates a thread (pink in color) that intertwines with the original thread. Now this new thread reflects the color of us both, creating a new blended color of pinkish-red. As I speak with my client, this new pinkish-red thread goes back to the client. They are now able to move to a new level of understanding, because the answer spoken in words is transmitted energetically on this thread. The energetic thread still has a component of the original energy (the red), so it is easy for the client to resonate with it because it has a familiar frequency. The frequency is a bit different, but close enough that it still resonates with the client. As this new frequency begins to vibrate within the client’s energetic field, it brings the similar threads (all of the threads in the red spectrum) into entrainment, or resonance. This is how the client is able to heal a particular issue. The amount of time it takes will vary. The more subtle the difference between the original strand and the enhanced strand, the more quickly the client is able to make the shift to the new frequency, gaining wisdom in the process. The greater the difference, the longer it will take. If the vibration between the original strand and the enhanced strand is too different, then entrainment cannot take place. For example, if the original thread was red and I am trying to send it back blended with green, the new blended color is too different from the original red. It has nothing to resonate with. The blended frequency just passes right through without leaving any imprint of any kind. (In one ear and out the other!)

This is a process we all do, whether we are conscious of it or not. Some people seem to be more ‘natural’ at enhancing these strands of energy with subtle differences in vibration, while others seem to rarely ‘hit the mark’. Some people just seem like ‘good listeners’ and always know just what to say to make you feel better, while others seem oblivious to the needs and feelings of those around them and always seem to say the wrong thing! Of course, the outcome of any given situation is determined by what all parties bring to the table.

This is why it is so important for me (and everyone else) to do their own personal work. The more I do my work, the more I can absorb the subtle shades of color strands into my central column. The wisdom gained from each of these experiences is still within the column, which allows for more and more subtle shades of frequency to intertwine with the energies sent to me. This gives me the ability to enhance the vibration of the energy strand in very subtle ways, creating a greater chance for it to entrain the client’s energy strand to the next higher frequency of vibration, which results in wisdom gained for the client. Mind you, this is all being done automatically. It is not something that I have to consciously set into motion. It just happens, for me and for you, too.

I have assimilated many basic colors into my core energy of love (the white light). Each time I learn a lesson or identify and heal a new issue it increases my central column, making it more and more complete. In many situations I have healed one aspect of an issue, one shade of the color, only to find increasingly more and more subtle shades of the same issue still at play in my life. The biggest one for me was reclaiming any power/energy that I had given away. The first time I really realized I was giving power away to another person I thought, A Ha, I figured this one out and now I am finished with that lesson. Much to my surprise, one year later I am still uncovering extremely subtle shades of that particular color. Each time I recognize what I am doing and put a stop to it, I am able to reclaim that shade of energy making it a part of the white light within me.

Imagine the issue of personal power as the color pink. Before I can be completely finished with the lesson of personal power I will have to assimilate all of the shades of pink into my column of white light. When the last variation of pink has been reclaimed into the white light, then I will have completely mastered personal power. On a more personal note, I never realized how many shades of pink there are!!

Once I have mastered the pink frequency and gained the wisdom that the pink frequency has to offer, I can begin to master the red frequency that incorporates pink! Can you see how everything is so interlaced? Can you see how all of our lessons are incorporated into even bigger lessons? Can you visualize how each lesson gives us greater and greater wisdom?

Another way of looking at this is to think of millions of guitar strings that reside within our energetic bodies. Each string represents all of the subtle variations of the emotional spectrum. Each guitar string resonates to a different frequency. I can activate a certain frequency by ‘plucking my string’ through intent. If I intend to teach a particular topic, I activate that frequency within me. As that frequency emanates outwardly, it will entrain the similar cords within others. We will fall into a resonance with each other. This is the same thing as rapport. Once we are in resonance with each other, we can communicate clearly. Greater understandings and growth are possible when we are in resonance with each other. It is like being on the ‘same page’, this is when the “aha” moment occurs.

Now for people who have already healed that topic within them, the cord doesn’t exist. What I say may sound familiar because they have already healed that issue. They have that “been there, done that” kind of a response. They will resonate with the truth, yet know that they have already done the work.

Now some people are so far entrenched in the issue that the vibration of their cord will be too different to resonate with the energy I am sending out. What I have to say will not “strike a cord” for them, meaning that they will not experience the “aha” moment. This is not to say that they will never get it, just not from me at that moment of time. It may come from another person altogether, or it may come at a later time after they have done more work on themselves. As they do work on themselves, they can begin the healing process, working on all of the subtle strings associated with a particular issue.

If an issue comes up in my life, it is like plucking one of the guitar strings. The string that resonates with the issue will begin to vibrate. As I vibrate that frequency I attract other people who have the string within them. If they come into my field, my energy will cause their cord to vibrate also, it will entrain their cord. This process sets up the events in our lives that give us the opportunity to grow. We can use the events as a catapult into a higher frequency, or we can use the event as an excuse to continue to stay where we are.

As we ‘heal’ certain emotional issues, the corresponding string is absorbed, blended, into the central string/cord of Love. Each time a new string is blended with the central string, wisdom is gained. Gradually we increase the breadth and width of this central column, making it more complete. As it becomes more complete we get closer to the state of unconditional Love. When we focus our intent on plucking this string within us, we increase the energy and strength of its vibration. The more focused the intent, the more energy that goes into plucking the string. The more energy that goes into plucking the string, the stronger the vibration, the easier it becomes to entrain others to this frequency of Love! So I invite all of you to Pluck your Strings of Love with All of Your Might!!

Now as I send out my energy it is intertwined with all of the wisdom gained through my own lessons and issues that I have healed. It is no accident that I attract souls to me who are working on issues that I have recently mastered. This is because I am emanating a frequency that ‘strikes a cord’ for them. On a soul level they know that I can assist them with this issue they have because my frequency has not moved too far from where they currently are. They get a feeling like I really understand what is going on for them, and if I was able to get through it they can, too.

As my energy emanates out and begins to resonate with theirs, they get the benefit of the wisdom I have gained. Sometimes this resonance occurs with the words that I speak, sometimes it happens with the words that I write, and sometimes it happens in ways that none of us can comprehend. The most important thing to realize here is that this is something we all do, all of the time. That is why it is so critical for each individual to do his or her own personal ‘work’. As we all heal the pieces within ourselves, we blend and harmonize the energy within us. As we create harmony within ourselves we are acknowledging the importance of all of our ‘strings’. We realize that it takes all of the strings working together to create beautiful music. Unconditional Love is the song created by the harmony of wisdom gained through experience.

It is important to understand that without the individual strings playing their part, there would be no harmony at all. As we find more harmony within ourselves, we are able to find more harmony in the world around us, which reinforces the strength of our harmony. Then we are able to resonate and entrain others to the same level of harmony. The more individuals that harmonize with this frequency the stronger the vibration, which will create even more individuals to harmonize. This how we create ONE VOICE, ONE SONG OF LOVE AND PEACE EVERYWHERE. THIS IS HOW WE TRANFORM THE PLANET, ONE VOICE AT A TIME.

The individual strings that exist within us, the ones that have not harmonized with the Love vibration, are our trigger points. Once a string harmonizes with the Love within us, it no longer exists as a separate string. If it does not exist as a separate thing, then it cannot be triggered by any event. Our buttons only get pushed when we have a separate string that is able to fall into resonance with the issue at hand. These triggers always provide us with an opportunity to heal a part of ourselves that is not in harmony with Love. I look at triggers as a good thing, because it directs me to areas that I would like to heal. I look at each one as an opportunity to get closer to “home”, instead of an obstacle that prevents me from going “home”.

In other words, an event that pushes your buttons in one moment of time may not push your buttons in a different moment of time. The reason it pushes your buttons is because you still have a separate string that resonates with it, the frequency comes into your energetic body and activates this string through resonance. When you heal that part of yourself, the frequency of the event comes into your energetic body and passes through without affecting you because there is nothing within you for it to resonate with.

As with tuning forks, when two forks with similar vibrations come close together they will begin to vibrate at the same frequency. This is called entrainment. (note to myself, look up entrainment to get a better definition). If I am speaking to a large group of people, each individual is vibrating at a unique frequency, depending upon their own development and experiences. As I speak words, the sound of the words is going to be intertwined with an underlying frequency of wisdom attained. Depending on what frequency the individual vibrates at, it will determine which guitar string within them , if any, is activated. Which in turn determines the amount of wisdom, if any, they are able to take away from the lecture.

©2006 by Kathy Karlander.

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