Stuff happens it happens to all people immunity is not granted because of a course you have done or a book you have written or read or the thoughts you possess. Stuff happens. It happens to the Pope it happens to the garbage man it happens to the couple down the road who have everything. Stuff happens you may not get to hear about you may not see it and it may not be reported in the media. But Stuff happens.
What you need to know however is although stuff may happen it can be walked through with grace dignity and awareness rather than panic fear and blindness. There is no secret there is simply the realization that stuff does indeed does happen.
People will get diseases some will die natural disasters will occur accidents will happen wars will be started. Stuff happens this isn’t some fairytale where you can wave it all away with a magic wand. People who have live an authentic life of balance and abundance do not hide from the realities of life they walk through them with awareness and understanding empathy and compassion.
There are countless people about whom we say wow I never thought that would happen to them or I thought they had the perfect life or alternatively they are such good people why did this have to happen to them? Reality is reality stuff happens the only thing that differs is how people react, deal and walk through stuff when it happens.
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Are you equipped with the life skills to cope with reality with stuff? Do you have a strong foundation a faith belief in yourself or a Higher Power?
Could you start again of you had too? Or do you have a ‘won’t happen to me attitude?’
People who know who they are know how to be vulnerable how to express their feelings how to ask for help how to access the necessary resources are more likely to flow with events rather than drown in them. People who have a basis of faith or belief who can draw on that inner strength in times of crisis are more likely to flow with events until they pass. Aware people who are walking awake know some things you have to walk through until you reach the end they do not try to sugarcoat avoid or dismiss. Awake people feel what they need to feel without becoming attached. Awake people do what they need to do when they are ready and able to make the step they do not rush blindly pressured by others opinions or societies expectations. Awake people built a spiritual toolbox long before the stuff happens and they pull the tools from it to help them walk through whatever is happening with grace dignity and understanding.
Stuff happens how prepared are you for when it does? Do you have a spiritual toolbox?
What is in it? Skills for building relationships, handling conflict or figuring out financial problems.
Do you know how to express emotions be vulnerable support someone who has suffered loss? Do you have things that bring you into a place of peace, do you know how to meditate or what grounds you so your thoughts stop racing?
Do you know who you are when the kids leave home will you be able to step into a new life that doesn’t involve looking after others? Stuff happens. Is it better to build the Ark before the flood?
This is not some new age theory it is simple logic if you are not living a balanced authentic life, if you do not have a strong foundation a strong sense of who you are or if you are not equipped with the necessary skills it makes sense that you will be not deal with stuff the way someone who has all those things does. I have been in situations that have crept up on me like a life stalker and I have felt like I am caught in a washing machine being tossed this way then that it is a feeling of hopelessness. I know at the moment I do not possess all the self awareness and skills I may need when Stuff happens but I do possess a Faith in my Higher Power and this has given me the courage and strength to know this too shall pass.
Stuff happens to everybody. Take a step back take a look at where you are at. Do you know who you are? Do you know the core truth of who you are? What would happen if something happened to knock the wind from your sails would you jump ship or steer a new course? Stuff happens good stuff sad stuff happy stuff that is life. This is simply to shake you awake and get you thinking what the next step is….is up to you

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