Every of us at least once wanted to change something in his life. But where is a way to improve something, that seems to be “not improvable”? Probably somebody needs to change his behaviour, so his boss will notice: “This guy is not that looser that I used to see in the office”? Maybe somebody wants to stop smoking after 20 years? Become more optimistic? Lose his weight?
This is all possible, but it is not so easy to do it at once. Most of people are lazy, they would like to get all by doing as little as possible. Probably this is good for the humanity as whole (laziness drives all progress in civilization, doesn’t it?) but the impulse to avoid work can be fatal for a separate person. So that’s a question: is it possible to achive your goals without moving a finger? And here’s an answer: yes, it is possible, if your thoughts correlate with your desired objective. So, the easy way to change your life is to change your mind. If your subconscious mind is sure, that you are, saying, a beautiful person- you can be sure too: you’re beautiful. Your body and your conscious mind will always be in accordance with your subconscious.
The only problem is to deliver the required affirmation (e.g. “I’m beautiful”, “I’m slim”, “I’m a leader”) to your subconscious mind. Now it can be made easy with the help of the effect called “subliminal messages”.
Imagine a string of text, containing an affirmation, saying “I’m a leader”. This string of text appears on your computer screen every 5 seconds for an interval of 10 milliseconds- during so short interval your conscious mind even will not be able to understand the sence of the affirmation. Subconscious mind will be able, however. Such a string is called “textual subliminal message”. If your subconscious mind is continuously receiving such a message, during, sayin, a week- your conscious mind will start restructuring in accordance with this new information. If the subliminal message you use is mainly related not to your mind (“I’m a leader”) but to your body (“I’m so beautiful”)- your mind will start changing your body according to this new directive.

If you’re interested in the phenomena of subliminal messages start today. There are many subliminal messaging programs in the web: freeware – with basic functionality and shareware- more advanced, but requiring registration after the trial period.

If you have any questions, related to subliminal messages- feel free to ask at our forum, related to subliminals and psychology . Many members of our discussion board are experienced psychologists, others- users of different self-help software products, and they would be happy to share their experience with you.

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