I once attended a seminar where I found myself disappointed and elevated by excitement simultaneously.

I went to this seminar ready to be blown away by some fairly popular speakers and entrepreneurs. However, when it came time to listen to the first keynote (who I was pumped about hearing) I found myself deflated with disappointment when it was over. I thought to myself, "I hope the rest of the weekend isn’t like this.”

I was disappointed because my much-anticipated speaker was all energy and no substance. There wasn’t any merit to what he was saying. He simply yelled and screamed a lot and had the audience yell and scream in response, but none of us were any better or knew any more than when we first arrived.

Reflecting after the seminar, something about this man’s speech resonated deep within me. Many of us exude the passion, but lack the direction to achieve our goals. This man, albeit on a grander scale, was a classic model of what many of us do in our daily lives.

How many times have we set out to achieve a goal but attacked it with no plan? We make a lot of waves but never make a difference. The problem the speaker had that night was that he lacked a successful plan of attack.

We cannot go through life expecting to succeed in our areas of choice without setting up some kind of plan to achieve our desired successes.

But back to the seminar for a moment. The following day I went to a class that floored me. This speaker had both the passion and the execution of ideas to motivate everyone in the room.

Our decision to accomplish a goal is an important and necessary first step. But the decision alone is not enough. We must have a few other factors in place to help accomplish our decision.

Trying to succeed without passion is like calling a pop-tart a hearty breakfast. It just leaves you wanting more and eventually you will throw the box in the garbage because it is no longer appealing.

To be successful develop a passion in your area of choice.

People love to work with someone of true, upstanding character who exemplifies integrity. This characteristic is not easily attained, but once you’ve got the label of a person of integrity, you’re worth more than any product you will produce or endorse.

Hard work is essential for success. Work doesn’t "get done" on its own. Someone has to do it. And only you know how you want things done. Even if you have an unlimited amount of money, hiring out your work will not guarantee that it gets done to your standards. When it comes to hard work, excuses have no place. There’s no short-changing the value of hard work.

Your relationships are one of the main avenues to your success. The company you keep, the partnerships you make, and the every day interactions you maintain will serve as an appropriate gauge for your achievements.

You will be able to look back once you have won a victory and see how your relationships played a part. In the midst of working toward your success you may not see how vital your relationships can be. But once you’re living your success it becomes obvious. Rarely, if ever, can a success be claimed by one.

Take these four areas and enhance them. There’s a great success waiting on you and a rewarding victory to claim.

Choose it.

Chase it.

Achieve it.

Stephanie Haber

Author's Bio: 

I love to empower those I consult and coach to be able to create and live their dreams on their own terms. With my Business Success practice I will help you gain clarity, focus and create results with driven goals that are attainable. Together we will map out your action plan and I will stick with you until you reach your goals.