Success Momentum

I want you now to decide that you are going to clean up your room, but instead of doing all the work today just decide that you will put only 5 items in place each day. What you will notice is that, as soon as you put the fifth item in place you will find yourself eager to put the sixth item too then the sixth may lead to the seventh and so on until you find the whole room cleaned in one day!!

But what is happening? Why can’t you give up cleaning although you didn’t have a motive to start few minutes ago? Its because of the momentum you acquired, as physics states, a body in motion tends to stay in motion, and the same goes to our bodies.

Success leads to success

As soon as you start doing something everyday you will acquire some momentum, this momentum can keep you going for months until you complete your task. Knowing that your mind works that way should let you conclude that you don’t have to be motivated in order to start something, you can just start doing it and then the momentum will take care of the rest.

You can start studying for one hour/day then the momentum will appear shortly helping you to continue this trend. If you decided to stop one day you will feel the urge to return back to do that same thing you were doing if you didn’t like it!!

Whenever you have something in mind that you want to do like exercising, losing weight or studying then start it immediately and let the momentum do the rest.

Negative Momentum

just as success leads to success; negative things lead to each other, just see how one negative thought can result in a big snowball of negative thoughts or just see how free spending for few days spark a never ending spending cycle. Even eating can spark a cycle of over eating and the only thing that can stop you later is the opposing force of guilt.

Is it that easy?

You may be asking yourself now, “but why do I sometimes start something then lose all of the momentum?” This usually happens because of negative thinking. Although there may be other reasons for losing momentum, I think that negative thinking is the number one reason behind loss of motivation after starting something.

So if you found a way to deal with negative thinking and if you started immediately doing what you wanted to do then you will be unstoppable!! Fortunately I have wrote many articles that can help you overcome negative thinking, just follow the links to reach them. Success leads to success, you just need to start and the laws of physics will take over bringing you what you want.

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