Sundown, letdown; why is it that when the sun sets, the dishwasher’s ready for its evening spin and all is quiet in your home that the desire to consume food is such a powerful force? It’s as though when twilight is upon us it stirs up feelings, thoughts and behaviors inside our mind, body and soul that are as commanding as the Pied Piper.

Let’s delve into the array of reasons why devouring chow during the bewitching hours is such an enticing opportunity for many Lovely Ladies. The following is a list of reasons why beautiful women seek food under the cover of darkness

~We have not consumed enough calories throughout our day and we are just plain hungry.

~We feel deprived from not eating enough earlier in the day and we feel it is our right.

~We finally have time to relax and we are in the habit of scoffing at chill-out time.

~We are bored with ourselves and use food to occupy our time.

~We have taken care of everyone else and now it is our time.

~We indulge in alcohol which lowers our ability to stay focused on our goals.

So we’ve discovered a list of reasons why our ability to avoid the late night munchies is trying at times; now let’s address ways of overcoming our nighttime patterns of food consumption at such late hours.

~We must make sure to eat enough throughout our day to avoid being hungry late at night.

~We must plan out our snack for the evening earlier in our day and stick to the plan.

~We must banish trigger foods from our pantries that entice us during the evening hours.

~Brush and floss your teeth after dinner with the understanding that if you eat anything later in the evening you must practice dental hygiene all over again.

~When you get the urge to feast, write down your top three goals of participating in this program and then reconsider your actions.

~If you must feed your beautiful face, try writing in your journal what it is that you feel you must have. Sometimes seeing it on paper deters you long enough to dismiss your desires to eat.

Lovely Ladies alike struggle with controlling their appetites during the night time hours. Being aware and having practical steps to follow will help in our ability to stay in control.

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Nothing bring me greater pleasure in life than to guide and assist Lovely Ladies toward pursuing their health and wellness goals. Sharing in their joy is one of the best things in the entire world!