Surprising someone with flowers can undoubtedly brighten anyone’s day. Presented tastefully, surprises can leave beautiful and unforgettable memories. Cooking up a game plan is not always easy nor is convenient so before you begin, make sure that this person is actually worth the effort you are about to exert and the money you are about to burn.

Popping a surprise in school has been done too many times already but that does not mean you cannot perform one yourself. Favorites include leaving a single flower by the locker door (if you know the combination then hiding a huge bunch of flowers shouldn’t be a problem) and having a delivery guy excuse the recipient from her (or his) class. In my college, you can hire the school choir year-round and have them present your flowers with a serenade. While it is already show stopping as it is, I found this gesture very sweet. From the first time I have witnessed an a cappella serenade, I’ve secretly wished that I’d get a similar surprise in the future.

Offices are common venues for surprises as well where the effort goes anywhere from an anonymous delivery to a grand gesture where each colleague gives the recipient a stem every hour the whole day. I reckon our side (the side where almost all the women are) of the floor, literally buzzing every Valentines Day because of the flowers and the rumor mongering that goes with it.

The flowers used in surprises need not be cut plants all the time. I have been to a birthday party in the past where there was an ice carving shaped as Cherry Blossom flower or Sakura tree. In her speech delivery, the celebrant admitted that she was surprised to see the ice carving because she has always been fond of Sakuras and have always dreamed of the day she would get to touch one and somehow feel the gentle and cool breeze that accompanied its falling (from the trees).

Coming home to a trail of petals leading to a warm bathtub filled with even more petals would just be wonderful after a long day at work or long hours working out at the gym. The light floral aroma and the feeling of being enveloped in hundreds of flower petals is just pure bliss. The ultimate surprise I can think of to even magnify this beautiful moment involves a velvet box that contains a metal band encrusted with nothing but high-grade diamonds.

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