“Who am I?”

Who are you truly? Such a simple yet profound question that asks the seeker to look within. When asked this question the mind tends to want to immediately identify with something external. For example if someone comes up to you and asks you, “Who are you?” A common response would be your name, where you live, and what your profession might be. You may say things like I am a mother, I am a husband, I am a student, I am an American citizen. Although these responses may make up a part of your outward identity they are but a minute and temporary aspect of the grand and multi-faceted beingness that makes up you.

Self-awareness is key to Mastery. Many times throughout our daily human experience we identify with things that are not truly who we are. For instance we may think that ‘who we are’ is what income bracket we fall under, or what kind of car we drive, or our social status. We may believe things like the kind of lifestyle we pursue is ‘who we are’, the kind of clothes we wear, the type of house we live in, or even what’s hidden under the bed is what makes us who we are. But are these things really what make up who we are or are they mere illusions in a grand human game?

In observing ourselves with non-judgement and becoming aware of the identities and limited beliefs we carry, we can then begin to detach ourselves from the roles that many times bind us to a particular form. The totality of you is so much more then the costumes you wear or the masks you design. When we believe that we are bound to a particular form of identity, we then become stuck in a pattern of limitation. This can get very uncomfortable and wearing to our spirits. As our mind struggles to protect an identity of limitation, it will do anything to convince or reinforce a false sense of self.

Change always starts from within. You are the presence underneath the costumes, the fanfare, and dramas of your life. You are the observer, the witness, and the magician whose expression is playing in form. Real change begins to occur when we surrender what we think we are and allow ourselves to be who we really are. It is about residing in the beauty of you, in the accepting and forgiving light of yourself. A powerful transformation takes place when we surrender to the core essence of ourselves, the god/goddess within. In every moment is the opportunity to surrender to yourself, to surrender to your divinity, to surrender to the knowingness that you are the source behind each and every expression of yourself. This is true liberation.

In this deep surrender of yourself, choices become clear and life becomes simpler. Simpler because there is no longer a struggle to be someone other then you are. To simply be yourself is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and to others around you as well. Your inner-self, the true you, is pure and boundless. When you surrender to you, your life becomes problem free because problems are nothing more then a false identity of the mind.

So here are some simple exercises in surrendering. It should be easy, easy to be you, if it becomes difficult perhaps you are trying to hard. Whenever you find yourself in a place of resistance or struggle and you are not aligned with your inner essence...STOP, stop right there and take a deep breath, the breath will carry you in and return you to you. Listen, Observe, and Feel. Detach from any mind chatter that might want to take over.

If you feel the struggle start to take over again take another good deep breath... and let it go. Realize that the pain, the worry, or the stress you may be feeling is not truly you, it can be released by you through choice. Make the choice to let it go. You can say to yourself “I do not choose this.” And it can be this simple and this easy to return to you, to return to your presence, to your self-awareness, to your core essence. This is exercising your true power.

We live in a world of heavy conditioning, expectations, and demands. A place where it is easy to fall out of presence and into unconscious behavior patterns. Changing these patterns is inevitable and easy when in a place of awareness. Remember that all change starts within and you always have a choice. In each and every moment you have a choice. Will you create your life from the beauty of who you truly are or will you sacrifice yourself for the illusion of an identity that is not really you. The choice is always yours.

You can only be in service to others when you are in service to yourself first. This is not to say to be in service to the selfish ego, but to be in service to the god essence or the divine spark of the source that lives within you. Because this is who you really are, you are a co-creator in a universe of unlimited potential and possibilities. And it is a wise soul who realizes that ‘Life is a Self-Fulfilling Prophesy’.

Make the most of your experience and everything that you desire in life will begin to fall into place. Don’t do it because you should, or because it is expected of you, or because it might bring you more money, or because everyone else is doing it. Do it for the experience. Do it for you.

We are purely experiential beings playing roles of identity and form. The experience is what we take with us through this journey of life. So have fun with your creations, let them be free, surrender to your grandness, and most of all enjoy your life. Because isn’t this what we are here for, to enjoy life and enjoy the blessings of each other? Each of us has our own unique colors and flavors to share with the world. When you surrender to your own unique flow, the song of yourself, you give others the space to do the same. You become a shining example. And the co-creation of a beautiful world then becomes effortless. We are here to inspire and to be inspired.

We ask ourselves again,“Who am I?”
And we answer, “I am”

Thank you for being you

Article Copyright ©2007 by Rebecca Blanco.

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