While you're most likely well aware that the economy is heading towards a recession and inflation is booming, the fact that unemployment is on the rise is often disregarded. If you're one of the nearly 6% of the nation's unemployed, this fact has unfortunately changed your outlook considerably. With the odds against surviving unemployment successfully mounting, how can you stay upbeat and positive and continue to earn extra income to stay afloat? What do you need to do to regain control, achieve financial peace, and earn extra income in the interim?

Whether you have a family to care for or just yourself, surviving unemployment can be a difficult task. Now is the time to attack your situation with a well-formulated plan. The following approaches will help you when you find yourself worried about your financial and personal situation.

Take the Reins: Regain Control and Continue to Earn Extra Income

  • Search for another job: The first step in surviving unemployment is to begin searching for another job or position that interests you. Brush off your resume and make it sparkle. Consult books to get assistance on making your past experiences look qualified to your next potential employer. If your search to earn extra income is turning up poor leads, consider working a part-time or full-time job at a retail store or restaurant that will help you earn extra income and get the bills paid. You were likely laid off due to forces beyond your control, so evaluate what you can do to make yourself more appealing to other employers. Do you need more education? More certifications? Should you change to an industry that is growing more rapidly?
  • Begin controlling your spend: Now is also the time to create a highly detailed budget, outlining what you can spend each month and how long your savings will last if you don't begin to earn any extra income immediately. Once calculated, arrange a payment schedule with whomever you owe money to, including credit card and household utility companies. Begin cutting back on nonessential items, and make sure you keep a list with you each time you go shopping. During this time, surviving unemployment involves sacrifices that are necessary in order to regain control of your finances.
  • Use your time wisely: The temptation to sit around and be depressed is obviously persuasive, but you must avoid this at all costs! By sitting at home, you are accomplishing little, and you are effectively declaring your reluctance to get out and try to earn extra income. In any case, there are many ways you can enjoy the time that you aren't working. Spend more time with your children; find a new hobby or activity; begin a new workout routine; explore the city in which you live; or teach yourself a new technological skill to keep up with the fast-paced business world. There are many ways you can use your time wisely if you don't let your current situation get the best of you.
  • Network to get back on track: Networking is one of the most important things you could do in surviving unemployment. Begin by letting your friends and family know what you're looking for and what your goals are, career-wise. Go to trade shows and job fairs to speak with recruiters. Soon, your friends and family will share your sentiments with others (along with the recruiters), and you'll soon have employers inquiring after you. Evaluate yourself to make a list of what you believe are your best qualities in a professional environment and elaborate on these during an interview. The employer will assuredly be impressed by your preparation and attention to detail.
  • Join a support group: Whether you find a support group through a church or your local community center, a group of similarly unemployed individuals (who are surviving unemployment as well) is sure to help you through the lean times. They might say that misery loves company, but, in this case, you'll be exposed to a roomful of caring people who are willing to help each other out and provide a listening ear when times get tough. If you think it might be embarrassing to share your personal story about surviving unemployment, just consider this another way to network and a possible way to earn extra income!
  • Maintain a routine: Don't let your time out of the office get you out of sync. One of the most efficient ways to surviving unemployment is to keep a routine such as you would if you were still heading to the office each day at 9 am. Get up, get dressed, and do something proactive. This is one of the best ways to keep you from sitting at home and doing relatively little. Use this time to formulate more ways to earn extra income!

Learn to Face Unemployment Head-on

Don't let your situation get the best of you. You have the power to control what happens and the ultimate outcome of it all. Only with diligence, patience, and creativity will you once again find yourself employed with a brand new job. When confronting and surviving unemployment, don't be afraid to work in a new industry in order to earn extra income. There are people and groups out there willing to offer their help - it's up to you to take advantage of what they have to offer. The best trick to surviving unemployment, however, is to stay upbeat and positive through the whole thing.

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