Being aware of the symptoms of high blood pressure and its causes are the best tools we can have in order to avoid high blood pressure. We can deter its debilitating effects if we know its causes before the symptoms of high blood pressure takes place.

The common symptoms of high blood pressure, which is about 90 percent of high blood pressure cases, emanate from essential hypertension. Essential hypertension is due to excess weight, heredity, lack of exercise or poor diet as examples.

Other symptoms of high blood pressure may come from secondary hypertension wherein it is a by-product of ailments like adrenal tumor, kidney disease or constriction of the aorta, just to name a few. Secondary hypertension accounts for about 10 percent of high blood pressure cases.

As a "silent killer", from a total of roughly 50 million Americans, 30 million was diagnosed with high blood pressure due to lack of awareness. The remaining 20 million will only be informed of the situation if they visit a doctor for medical check-up, e.g. stroke, heart attack, insurance purposes or any health related problems.

Normally, the rise in the blood pressure is gradual until the body manifests the ongoing change. However, when the diastolic blood pressure or the lower pressure of the heart's pumping chamber, is 70 in any given day and rises to 105 on the following day, any one or more the following symptoms will be experienced:

1. Headaches that occur during mornings
2. Incessant dull sound in the ears
3. Dizzy spells
4. Impulsive bleeding of the nose
5. Unfounded depression or tension
6. Blurred and haziness of vision
7. Unexplained red face
8. Temporary loss of consciousness or "blacking out"

With regards to the causes, it is usually the accumulation of many factors combined over the years, like:

1. Alcoholic tendencies and over indulgence to alcohol
2. Disproportion or imbalance in the dietary fat
3. Excessive salt and low sodium-potassium balance
4. Excessive Body weight or Obesity
5. Genetic deficiency or hereditary factor
6. Too much insulin in the body
7. Unbalanced nutrition
8. Sedentary lifestyle due to lack of exercise
9. Too much pressure or stress
10.Having a type "A' personality or always going to the extremes

In order to reverse high blood pressure, one should also have a reverse or change in diet and lifestyle. By deliberately doing this, chances are that it will have a positive impact of about 85 percent. While the remaining 15 percent can be treated with the use of medications.

As a rule, the eventual reduction and cure of high blood pressure lie on the actions one undertakes. Better yet, knowing the symptoms and causes will help in the avoidance of having high blood pressure.

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