Being a health information provider, it seems only fitting that we make people aware of how serious an illness Cancer is, and hopefully share some news too. The American Cancer Society states that in the year 2000, about 1,220,100 new cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed. This is the second leading cause of death in the US, the first being heart disease.

It looks as though there may be some wonderful break throughs on the horizon. Researchers at John's Hopkins University have conducted studies on new ways of detecting cancer other than biopsies. It seems that certain cancers can be caught by testing related body fluids, saliva showed changes associated with head and neck cancer, bladder cancer was discovered by testing urine, and samples of lung fluid can indicate a presence of lung cancer.

The day is coming when Doctors will be able to tailor cancer treatments to each individual. Scientists are working with computer technology that can monitor thousands of genes in cancer cells, making the diagnosis of cancers much more precise. They are already aware of signs that are indicative that some cells are likely to become cancerous. Still in the experimental stages, is a vaccine designed to encourage the immune system to recognize and destroy those *marked* breast cells. This type of treatment is geared to prevention, and the intention is to use it for women at high risk of obtaining breast cancer.

It is quite common for people with cancer to incorporate complementary therapies with their treatments. There are a number of natural methods that have shown to be helpful in relieving pain, minimizing the side effects of traditional treatments, and improving the quality of life.

A macrobiotic diet has been known to help some cancer patients. An American physician, Anthony Sattilaro, claims to have cured himself of advanced prostatic cancer using this diet. However, there are varying levels of intensity, and there are some areas of the macrobiotic diet that are somewhat questionable. So I caution you to ensure that your guide in this diet is highly reputable and qualified, and your physician is involved in the process.

There are a great number of herbs that are helpful in dealing with various aspects of this disease. There are blood cleansers and immune system builders, stress relievers, herbs to help recover from chemotherapy, and many more advantages. Some helpful herbs are Pau D'Arco, ginseng, green tea, beta-carotene, echinecea, astragalus, chaparral, garlic and mistletoe to name only a few.

Aromatherapy, meditation, art therapy, t'ai chi, music therapy, yoga and massage therapy are all avenues that can be very instrumental in alleviating the stress that always accompanies this disease.

Nutritional Therapy is an avenue that many cancer victims pursue. A diet filled with whole grains, vegetables, and fruits; high in fiber, low in refined sugars and sodium and low in fat. Typically a vegetarian diet is recommended with no meat, poultry, and fish.

High doses of vitamin C are often prescribed to cancer patients. Researchers have found that tumors often shrink after vitamin C treatments. It has also been known to reduce some of the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Being a tremendous antioxidant, Vitamin C is very effective in repairing free radical damage.

There are many holistic treatments to consider. I encourage you to investigate as many as you can, as thoroughly as you can. Remember you will have issues to address such as the efficacy and quality of supplements, quantities to consume, interactions amongst each other, your medication as well as any other health issues. I strongly recommend that you be certain you are working with a certified practitioner for all the avenues that you pursue, and include your doctor in these decisions. There is no reason that you shouldn't have consultations including your physician, your holistic practitioner(s), and yourself. This way everyone can work together in your best interest with no misunderstandings.

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