Well, it's that time of year again where we get ready to send our children off to school. I just saw my oldest manchild off to his 3rd year in college. At age 22 he's really a man, but he'll always be my child. So I lovingly refer to him as my "manchild". One thing Bible College has taught him, is to be tolerant of his mom's silly expressions. His move is a week early because he volunteered to be "Den Mother" for the dorm. So he has to be there in advance for preparation meetings and to help the first year students settle in.

Because of this new responsibility, he won't be able to come home very often. So this is really the last step before he's officially "flown the coop". As many of you can relate, that makes mommy kind of sad... but also proud because he has turned into a fine young man with confidence, conviction, and enthusiasm.

Because he won't be home regularly, we had to make up a special care package. A 3 month supply of a good multi-vitamin is a must, because I know he won't eat right. Lots of Echinacea to build up his immune system and help ward off the colds he's likely to get because I know he won't eat right. A supply of Garlic capsules to take when he catches a cold because he forgot to take Echinacea to prevent it because I know he won't eat right. Lavender oil so he can put 1 drop on his pillow case just before going to bed for the night. This will help him fall asleep easier.

He'll need that, especially since he'll be studying so hard and he'll likely be run down and feeling miserable with all the colds he'll get because he'll forget to take his Echinacea and I know he won't eat right. A bottle of White Willow (herbal aspirin) to take care of odd little pains and the headaches he may get from being overly stressed because he feels miserable with his cold that he got because he forgot to take his Echinacea because I know he won't eat right.

Then, of course, there's the care package of food containing a 2 week supply of all the major food groups. This is because he'll be so busy when he gets there that he likely won't have time to get to the store, and I don't want him to have an excuse to "not eat right". :) There's one last thing that I included in his special care package. An aromatherapy candle that he can light while he does his homework. It will help him relax so he can soak up all the information he's studying and remind him that all is right with the world.

Best of health to all of you and your children. Especially those who are going away from home.

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