I was watching the kids play football yesterday. After I got over the yelling, screaming and sounds of crunching bones, I was taken back by how this COACH was teaching this group of 9 year old boy’s discipline of the mind and body, along with teamwork and pushing yourself to your personal best.

I was watching as these young boys were running, jumping, crunching, some of them almost puking from the practice, but giving up was not an option in their mind. THERE WAS NO QUITTING. Do you remember when you were a kid and it didn’t matter who understood or cared about your dreams, because you KNEW you would be a prima ballerina or the next A- ROD?

What would happen if you applied that KNOWLEDGE, HEART and SOUL to today’s dreams? Without caring who understood or thought you were silly? If you were back at age 9 and there was no one that could tell you anything about what you could dream of..

… FOOD FOR THOUGHT HUH, I couldn’t stop thinking about that last night?


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