Recently we have been contacted about various individuals, about some of the predictions or prediction websites out there. Here is our response, This is copyright anyone using it must abide by the copyright laws:

Predictions/Predictions Websites

"There are way to share information with the public in preparing for events, and then there is the deliberate attempt of panic, fear and chaos used with the end of the world tactics.
I caution anyone that has gifts and abilities don't cause more panic and fear. There are ways to share information without causing the worst. Use cautious words. Those who cause panic, fear mistrust and chaos are using you and feeding on you for their own agenda.

The future has many paths yet that have not been chosen. Don't choose mistrust, doom and gloom as your path. Doom and gloom not only hurts yourself, but the economy, your loved ones, people around you, jobs, and keeps us all in the darkness for those negative or those with agendas to feed on us. I use my gifts to help bring in the light and advance our country, to restore trust, not put us in darkness, and keep us down there in panic, fear, and chaos afraid of everything."

Rose Schwab's "Visionalization" ©

"If you reach for God (our creator), Reach for His light and warmth of His love, Not mistrust, fear, panic, chaos or doom and gloom. Those type of websites are not right for me, I pass. God's (our creator's) voice is a booming voice in the darkness, saying do not go there. Visualize God's (our creator's) hands from heaven coming down to your level, to pick you up, His big hands are so big, you climb up into the center of the two hands joined together. You raise yourself to a standing position facing the world, with your back to God (our creator) as He lifts you up. He shows you all the wondrous and beautiful things our there as he raises you up you see heaven opening up and all the light shinning down on you, filling you full of light, warmth and love. As you look over the world the illusion was mistrust, darkness, negativity, doom and gloom, but in reality God (our creator) was lifting up above all this and showing you that there was light, beauty and wondrous things everywhere in gigantic form, that we were just very small creatures in this world, but the care takers. We feel like we are a character from Alice in wonderland where we can do nothing. When we look at ourselves we see we are not small at all, but big, and having a big role in this world to play. We are not covered in darkness, panic, fear, or mistrust, but in white, filled with light radiating from our very being. We now know all the knowledge and understand, sharing the light warmth of love, and the future. Mistrust, Panic, fear, chaos, and darkness is not connect to the light and God's (our creator's) world.

Panic, mistrust, fear, and chaos cause only more of the same and deeper darkness. I agree God (our creator) is the answer, but not out of these reasons, but because we truly believe in trust in God/Creator, the warmth of His Love, His Power and His light." Rosie

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Rose Ann Schwab is the Top World Renowned Clairvoyant Psychic Medium, Professional and Business Consultant, loved and used worldwide. Rose is the founder of Angelic Inspirations International, Angelic Inspirations Radio International, Secrets To Future Success, and many other websites including her Syndicated Column "Looking through the eyes of a psychic; a different perspective." Rose has written for many papers and spiritual newspapers worldwide, with many of her articles being posted on the internet as well as great reviews and interviews by distinguished top individuals and journalist who did true investigative reporting through deep research and unbiased opinions. Rose is associated with many scial organizations, charities, networking organizations and internet networks including being the Official Guide for psychic readings and psychics through .