“The Lost Book of Nostradamus” was recently aired on the History Channel. They got it all wrong! While sensationalism sells and controversy attracts listeners, the History Channel should have done more to balance the commentary on this newly discovered manuscript. While their was a hint of mystical inference in some of the commentary, most so called ‘experts’ greatly missed the mark in the interpretation of the text and images in The Prophecies by this well known seer.

In a multi-part series of articles it is my intent to show that the current popular interpretations of the symbols presented in the “Lost Book” are sadly lacking in efficacy. In doing so, the current buzz around this book will have done Nostradamus and humanity a great disservice. It is important to keep in mind that current interpretations are geared to a comparison of the text to Christian ideology, mytghs and scriptures. By spending most of the analysis comparing Nostradamus, prophecies to the Bible in general, and revelations in particular, the effort becomes self-serving and self-fulfilling.

Nostradamus was a mystic with ties to several secret societies, most notably, the Rose Cross. In this context, new levels of observation come to light when viewing the images contained in the text. As a matter of fact, if one examines The Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucian’s, it will be clear that there is more than meets the eye with respect to the intent and meaning of the Nostradamus prophecies. Further, while the commentators on the show made mention of tarot symbols, it is clear that their understanding is not at the esoteric levels. In my co-authored novel, “Waking God,” the concept of a Tarot Code was introduced. The book is a mystical treatise in the guise of a spiritual thriller and states that the tarot has hits roots in imagery that preceded the Assyrian Empire and has been carried forth into the modern era. These symbols provide a pictorial history of human evolution as well as clues, or prophecies regarding our future. These symbols are found in almost every civilization and yet are understood by only a few.

Contrary to information and suppositions made in the History Channel’s broadcast, the symbols of Nostradamus transcend those images often touted by biblical scholars as messages of doom and world’s end. Perhaps the only real accurate statement on the show that was symbol related is that the prophecies give clues as to the Apocalypse. But even here, it is important to remember that the term ‘apocalypse’ does not mean the end of the world. The word means ‘revelation, to uncover, knowledge revealed’ and not Armageddon or the destruction of the physical world. The term apocalypse has been hijacked by religious dogma to frighten unsuspecting followers into believing that all prophecies that deal with the word apocalypse support their notion that one day, deity will destroy its creation and only the faithful will survive. The apocalypse of Nostradamus deals with the ‘end of lies, not the end of times.’

While more details will be presented in subsequent articles, it should be understood that the true and inner meaning behind the words of Nostradamus concerns humanity’s spiritual awakening. The prophecies are a light post aimed at leading humanity into a new era of spirituality that is devoid of dogma and founded upon the notion of personal spiritual enlightenment. The same can be said for the much misunderstood Book of Revelations. The accuracy of his predictions serves to underscore the fact that he knew the benchmarks that would be achieved as humanity travels on its path of evolution. He was showing people that tough choices must be made if we, in fact, ever hope to prevent our own self-destruction. He was alerting humanity to the ideas that our choices are leading to such things as environmental, social and political collapse if we do not change our way of thinking. His warnings were meant to divert us from catastrophe rather than suggesting that such catastrophe is inevitable. The goal a person telling you not to go down a certain road because the bridge has collapsed is not to foretell of your death; it is meant to prevent your death.

In future articles I will show that the serpents and dragons in the images of Nostradamus are representative of evil or the devil. The female images are not about women trying to become Pope. The Tower of destruction is not about the end of the world. The images of apparent clashes between Muslims and Christians do not predict inevitable religious wars. The symbols of Nostradamus and the Tarot are not about an anti-Christ. Throughout religious history biblical texts, taken out of context, have been used to justify all manner of crime and injustice. The prophecies of Nostradamus are another voice crying out in the wilderness of human history urging us to change our ways and enter a period of great enlightenment. It is incumbent upon modern interpreters of these messages not to fall into the age old religious trap and of using these words of wisdom to frighten humanity into a set of self-fulfilling prophecies.

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Mr. Harris was born in Massachusetts and currently resides in Maine. He received his degree in Political Science from The American University in Washington, D.C. and has worked at every level of government. He is currently employed in special education.

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