I don't normally add direct advertising to my blogs and articles, but this is the program I have been writing about for the past 31 days at my personal blog www.theresagiambrone.com If you want to get an up close look at this program and see if you have what it takes to WIN IN BUSINESS, you will want to be on this call. Here are two of the reasons you have to be there:

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We are upping the game,if you are ready to play, check out the invitation below.

Folks, this webinar only has room for 150 people and I know that the 14 original people in this group are probably sending this out to over 150 people each so your response is needed immediately if not sooner.


This is a 45 minutes riveting session of what it TAKES TO WIN BIG IN BUSINESS! It is an incredible blend of mindset, skill set, strategic marketing, game planning and some pride & determination to cross the finish line in business ..:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Nadira Haniff – Objective Coach, Mentor & Inspirational Speaker will be Hosting a "180DaysToGreatness" Webinar this Monday Evening November 3rd at 9:30 EST.

Only 150 seats available and is sure to be a sellout!

Be sure to register and get on the call about 5 minutes early to secure your seat!

This program has allowed me to add another $0 to my monthly paycheck after it stayed the same for over a year. Sometimes rather than switching companies what we need is a program that delivers the goods on how to succeed in the network marketing industry and home business.

To Register For The WEBINAR Click Here: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/173331460

To get a preview of the program click here: www.180daystomakeithappen.com

To join the 180Days community click here: www.180DaysToGreatness.com

Mark your calendars. You DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!

Theresa Giambrone


Author's Bio: 

Theresa Giambrone is a network marketing professional working a six year old billion dollar company in the health and wellness industry. Currently she is participating in an online marketing experiement called 180daystogreatness.com