As I began my morning jog one day last week I found myself really struggling. It was hot, sticky, and humid. My legs felt like each one had a sand bag strapped to it. The mosquitoes were out in swarms. Ugh! There was no way I would make it unless I could shift my attitude. A phrase came to me that I started to play with...”I love that...”. I became so carried away that before I knew it I was within yards of finishing. The run had become effortless. My attitude shifted and my actions changed. It shifted away from being self-absorbed into gratitude, and I shifted from quitting to completing. If there is something you are struggling with... try it! A shift in attitude can free you and it’s quite fun! This is what I could recall.

I love that...when I walk and jog I am living a healthy lifestyle.
I love that...when I cross the finish line I will feel awesome!
I love that...when I start off the day with exercise I start off the day with a success.
I love that...the more I exercise the easier it becomes to breathe.
I love that...when I exercise my clothes slip right on.
I love that...when my muscles ache after a run it’s a sign that I’m growing and becoming stronger.
I love that...when I exercise I become more tone.
I love that...exercising gives me more energy through the day.
I love that...I have two legs to exercise on.
I love that...I can breathe.
I love that...if I don’t cross the finish line I will have gotten closer to my goal and will be stronger because of it.
I love that...I have been given the gift of another day.
I love that...being nervous before a talk is a sign that I'm facing my fear which always leads to interesting places.
I love that...planes fly over me all day carrying people to where they want to go...safely.
I love that...I can hear the sound of the traffic on the freeway, the sound of people going to their jobs.
I love that...some of those people are going to jobs to help other people get jobs.
I love that...I know someone who is looking for a job and has chosen to help a small group of unemployed individuals find jobs with no strings attached.
I love that...when someone needs help there are thousands of people, organizations, and churches who are looking for them because they want to help people in need.
I love that...we have FREEDOM!
I love that...wherever I am...wherever I go...God is with me.

This all happened naturally and yet the shifts are very clear. In the beginning the focus is on exercise and being self absorbed. Then I shift to gratitude while still looking inward. When I looked up and noticed a plane flying above, it shifted me to gratitude with regard to others. When I heard the traffic I thought...what’s good about that? Immediately I remembered the people who are out of work. Finally, gratitude in the fullest expression of all that I am. This is not meant to sway anyone in their views. It is to give you the opportunity to try the “I love that...” phrase and see where it takes you.

If you are feeling challenged in exercise, work, or day-to-day life or you just want to take life to a higher level use your five senses to take you away into gratitude. See appreciatively, listen intensely, smell deeply, taste using each and every taste bud, and feel the positive energy of what is going on inside and around you. Chances are you will find an abundance of things to be grateful for that you can get excited about...Starting Now!

Dare to Take Action Challenge:

When your inner critic is getting the best of you consciously change your thoughts.

Try the “I love that...” phrase and see where it takes you.

Use your five senses during this exercise to experience life more deeply. Notice what's around you. Take in the beauty, great smells, savory tastes, wonderful music, great fabrics, and warm hugs. What do you love in your business and your life?

Copyright 2002, Beth A. Tabak. All rights reserved.

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Beth Tabak of is a Business & Life Coach, columnist, & owner of Starting Now. She coaches small business owners and professionals who think big to step out in a bold way to grow beyond limits, stand out in the crowd, and experience the vastness of their capabilities. Stop in to see all that is available to you and say “hello”.