How to Move Forward when you Feel Stuck

Sometimes you may feel like you don't have the support you need to move forward. You might feel busted and disgusted. When it's your turn to be encouraged, you may feel no one can or will help. We have all been there. But you don't have to be there anymore. I discovered something that all successful people know.

There is a way to combat that feeling each and every time you get stagnate. You will be able to push yourself along ¡V whether you have help or not. That's right. You can literally change your situation in an instant -- at will -- and be on your way to the success you deserve!

It's a simple concept, but the practice is highly uncommon. If more people implemented this little technique, they would be amazed at their results.

The secret is... (Insert Drum Roll Hereļ)

Consistent Daily Action!
If you're not getting what you want out of life, the first place to look is at your daily actions and habits. You must ask yourself, ¡§What small steps am I taking everyday towards any one goal?" You will be amazed to find that your daily action is either not happening or not consistent enough to produce the result you're after. Consistent daily action, regardless of how small, is the single most effective key to achieving any level of success you want.

So you have to plan your work. Do you have a real plan that is clear and focused? If the answer is "no" You have to re-assess your desires and find out what's holding you back.
If you don't have a large enough reason for moving forward everyday. IT JUST WON'T HAPPEN. Select one specific goal you would like to work on first. Now, set a date for completion.
Next, create a plan for reaching that goal. What tools, knowledge, suppliers, professionals, finances, etc. do your think you need? Get that all together. WRITE IT DOWN. I've carried a Franklin Planner for several years. I find it very useful in keeping my schedule, tasks and projects in order, but I have been known to grab a good old fashion legal pad or loose-leaf notebook every now and again if it's closer. I'm not high tech, so I write everything down. There are lots of systems, software, cherries and blackberries available. The absolute best system to use¡K

¡Kis one that works for you!

Break the plan down into manageable daily steps that will assist you in achieving your goal. Once the goal is set, you can ask yourself, "What will I need to accomplish in order to get from here to there?" Now get moving. Refuse to be stopped. Celebrate failure because you learn more from it than you do from success. Decide not to give up until you win!

If you haven't taken the time or you just need a loving shove, I have good news for you. Here it is.
Take Action Now!

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