Bailing out the guys who made this mess in the first place? Will that really help us - or are there better ways?

While all the governments of the world are trying to come up with solutions to the economic crisis, we ordinary folks are sitting in our homes - if we have homes – and are panicking. We are forced to leave our lives in the hands of the incompetent fools who allowed this economic meltdown in the first place.

Since these guys agreed with (and were part of) the system as it was, they are certainly not qualified to find a sustainable way out of this mess. Their answer is merely to prop up the old system and hope for the best but this is never going to be a good answer.

So, if the old way was wrong and the bailout is flawed, what answers are there?

I guess this old, top-heavy, greedy system of materialism has to go, and if I weren’t stuck in the middle of it, I would be so happy that it was failing.
If I had a piece of land with my own food, water and energy supplies, I would feel more secure – but like most of the people reading this, I am still living in a city – although it was only a town when we first moved here.

There are ways to move forward after this financial meltdown but these ways will involve people coming together, to work in harmony and find useable solutions which benefit their entire community and not just a few at the ‘top’.
The answer is to problem-solve and think outside the box.
The solution is to make an entirely new economic system.

How can this be possible, you may well ask?

The whole monetary system – with its gambling attitude, wild stock market fluctuations, currency manipulation and corporate mentality – is ALL MAN MADE! We’ve followed it blindly because somebody, at some time, made this system and our governments and those in power liked it and continued to utilize it, even though it disadvantaged billions of people all over the world.

Now we are all in dire straits and unless we come up with a better plan, we could all be heading for disaster.

So, what is this new system, which could come into place instead of the old one?

The answer is to make a new people-friendly economic system which can work alongside the old ways, in case your old money is safe and the system rebounds but the new economy is also completely independent of the old one and comes complete with a new currency and a fairer way of doing business.

This new economy will allow people to come first. It will encourage small to medium sized businesses and it will encourage more job creation. The only shares will be held by the owners and possibly by the employees. They are the only people who should benefit and not some stranger who wants to gamble with your company’s stocks, without any real care for the business and its employees and merely having profit and greed as their incentive.

So, you think this type of thinking is just in my imagination?


There are communities all over the world which are already using their own monetary systems as a hedge against global financial collapse.
These communities are thriving – unlike regions where we are only using the volatile government system.

Governments and big business have been in bed with each other for many years. They rub each other’s backs and care little for the constituents they are supposed to be helping.

Now it’s time for these same citizens to say, “Enough is enough”. “The old methods are flawed and we are the ones losing out.” “Now it’s time to make a new system – one which benefits us and one which will help us to live and thrive on this planet.”

If we blindly continue to follow those who do not have our best interests at heart, we will be left in despair. They will not care. They do not care now.

Now it is up to us to make a new way of life for all humanity.

We only have two choices:

Either we change to become a progressive society on a progressive world (or)
We stay as we are, and accept our fate!

I don’t want to feel helpless.
I don’t want to wait and see what these guys with all the power in the old system get up to next. Right now they hold the fate of all of us in their hands.
I don’t trust them that much and so I know which way I want to go.
I want to unite with others and shape our own destiny.
It’s the only way to move forward and get out of this mess.

If, like us, you don’t want to wait and see what happens next….
If you realize there are answers if we ‘ask and then receive….
Then maybe we are all being guided to form a new civilization – which is fair for all, unites all and sustains all.

AlterQuest holds the keys to the new future.
We have the practical answers to beat the economic system; to find new concepts for increasing employment; for sustainable food and energy production .. and more.. and all of this is attainable by people in local communities - and the best news is - you don't have to wait for those in power to bail YOU out!

We give these answers to communities and governments which are willing to move forward and which want to help all their citizens.

The answers are in our book. “AlterQuest – The Alternative Quest for Answers!”
They are practical.
They are sustainable and…
They will save us!


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Karen Fiala is the author of "AlterQuest - The Alternative Quest for Answers" and is the co-founder of, along with her economist (retired) husband, George. Together they have searched the planet for innovative new concepts which will help people to shape a new world - one which is sustainable and progressive for the 21st century. Visit: