Frequently, People say, "I don't have time to ......" Often this is an excuse to justify doing something else or not doing anything. You may want to read these items with the intention of identifying just one that is the most important for you at this time. Successful individuals already perform many of the ideas on this list.

1. Take Time to Plan. One minute of planning saves three minutes of work or re-planning.

2. Take Time to Organize. Your work needs a structure that reduces unnecessary, repetitive decisions.

3. Take Time to Set Goals. A goal that is identified and acknowledged can be achieved. When written, goals become more real.

4. Take Time to Schedule. A deadline that is not set might not be met. Set several intermediate deadlines to meet a major deadline.

5. Take Time to Decide Priorities. Knowledge of the relative importance of activities reduces re-inventing a system at the beginning of each task. Focus your attention on the important issues.

6. Take Time to Focus. Focusing on one item at a time is an important key to personal empowerment, efficiency, and effectiveness.

7. Take Time to Analyze the Situation. Although it is not possible to have all the facts all the time, it is important to review the essential ones.

8. Take Time to Reflect. Reflection can take many forms throughout the day for maximum effect. More than reviewing, reflection allows you to sort the essential items from those that are less important.

9. Take Time to Involve Others. Involve in the decision-making process those who will carry out the decision yields dividends in individual commitment. And, these are the persons who have relevant ideas!

10. Take Time to Divide the Job. Many small tasks reach the goal in less time than a few larger tasks. Additionally, it is more satisfying to achieve several objectives en route to your higher goals.

11. Take Time to Delegate. Distribute tasks to enhance others' experience and increase leverage. Be certain that the delegated responsibilities are meaningful and stimulating, not just the tasks you do not want to do.

12. Take Time to Explain Clearly. A few well-chosen words that clearly direct others avoid duplicate effort and disappointment.

13. Take Time to Review your Work. Check your work when you finish. For more thorough review and correction, let it rest a while and review it again.

14. Take Time to Relax. Just a few moments can replenish you. When you are relaxed and refreshed, you are more efficient.

15. Take Time to Meditate. The journey within is increasingly more important when your life is hectic. Twenty minutes in true meditation each day enhances brain function, breathing, sleep, relaxation, response to stress, and general well-being.

16. Take Time to Do It Now. Procrastination can be a thief of time and confidence. Do the job now unless your inner guidance tells you to wait.

17. Take Time to Enjoy Life. Life happens now. Sometimes it just takes an instant of realization that you want to be happy to bring joy into the moment, regardless of the activity.

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