Naturally when I first started having visions of those in spirit, I thought is was my imagination. But as the years went by and I had more and more visions, and people understood that these visions were of people they had known and had since passed on, I began to believe that my visions were truly spiritual visions of those in eternal life. But I took a long time to come to that conclusion. For me this was very important.

If today, lights started flashing off and on in my kitchen for no apparent reason, I would not immediately jump to the conclusion that this is a spirit contact. I would first try to rule out all other explanations such as a short in a wire, or light bulbs that are defective. Often clients who receive readings from me want me to assure them that the time the light went on and off in the bedroom, it was the spirit of their loved one making that happen. And as much as I would like to verify it, I cannot. The only way I can verify it is if during the reading the spirit proves to me and my client that this was a spirit contact. For instance, if I ask the spirit of my client’s loved one “Was it you who made that light go on and off” and I hear back “yes, and the bedroom has a blue and white print bedspread with three pink pillows on top” THEN I may be convinced. But if all I hear is “yes” with no additional evidence, then I cannot be sure that it is the spirit talking to me or my own mind.

It is important to look at all the possibilities when evaluating a supposed communication from the world of spirit.

Those of you who are interested in spirit communication might like to read two of my books that directly relate to the topic of evaluating spiritual experience. My newest book, just published this week is Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World. You might also enjoy reading How to Get A Good Reading From a Psychic Medium.

When we have properly evaluated a supposed communication from spirit, then we can be full of joy when we know that it was really spirit, and we can feel good about ourselves giving up the idea, if in fact the light switch was defective.

Psychic Medium Carole Lynne


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