When looking to add a new habit into your daily routine couple it with an existing habit. For example, if you want to learn one new Japanese term or phrase per day, couple this with something you already do each day, like brushing your teeth.

"Nothing is stronger than habit."
Ovid, Ars Amatoria
Roman poet (43 BC - 17 AD)

I have a confession, I love daily routines. And the more ingrained the routine, the better…for me anyway. Last year I worked very diligently on eliminating delay. This is a success strategy I adopted from Thomas J. Leonard’s book The Portable Coach. One of the areas I focused on was my corporate e-mails.

Now I also had a situation, my daughter’s school bus schedule, that put me into the office around 9:30 everyday, causing me to feel late and already behind by the time I arrived. This was a real problem for me, no one commented on it by others, but my gut and conscious was telling me that something needed to change.

For the last few years I have had the same morning routine. Rise & shine, take the dog out, feed the pets, advance the laundry, wake daughter, shower, dress for work, check laundry again, make breakfast, tidy up kitchen. Once my eyes opened I was on autopilot until I hit the office.

I decided to add doing my corporate e-mail to my existing morning routine. That means I am up earlier, but the reward is I have replied to all necessary e-mail and arrive at the office fully informed and ready for the day. I am more “on top” of things by 9:30 every morning than most of my co-workers. Another benefit has been that I empty my inbox at least three times per day, before I get to work, around noon and before I leave at night. Now you might be asking how I have e-mail in the morning if I empty the box at night. Asia; I work for a global company with many global counterparts who primarily reside in Asia.

Adding another task to a solid already existing routine made it easy to create a new habit which solved a real problem I was having. It can do the same for you. Give it a try. Make a list of the habits and routines you already do regularly. How can you add a goal related item to your existing routine? Remember a few adjustments may be necessary, but if done right will be well worth the benefits.

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