A lot of people think that Tantra is just about sex - that's not true. Tantra is about developing an appreciation of life in general; it's about learning to maximize your pleasure in all things simultaneously. The goal of Tantra is open your mind and allow you to clearly understand that you are an integral part of the universe. Tantra uses the prolonging of sexual ecstasy as one vehicle to help you mesh with what is eternal - the source of all energy and life.

When you open your mind in such a manner, that is one form of meditation. As one result of developing a meditative mind, you are capacitated to enjoy your lovemaking, and everything else, on a far more profound level. Tantra is about connecting your mind with your body - and the body of your partner - to ensure your total focused attention on one another. That is the key! That is what makes Tantric sexuality so mind-blowing and powerful.

In Tantra, the orgasmic response to making love is the epitome of your focused concentration on pleasure. The Tantric orgasm is a combination of the physical orgasm that we commonly think of and a more intense "heart orgasm". Tantra encourages us to live from the heart 24/7 - every minute of life. When we are centered in our hearts, we are in a constant state of blissful union with every bit of energy - both mental and physical - on the planet. The Tantric way is one where we are meshed with everything and everyone around us. To live in this state of mind is truly ecstatic - truly beautiful.

Sexologists (yes, there are such people) have defined several types of orgasms. There are clitoral orgasms and vaginal orgasms for women. There are glans orgasms for men. Tantra introduces us to a few other types of orgasms as well. There are energy orgasms and heart orgasms. In Tantra, individuals learn to prolong and blend all types of differing orgasms and create what is called a total body orgasm. Wow! That's sounds fun, huh?

The premise is that, through repetitive practice and increased abilities to focus, individuals are able to bring about these total body orgasms and have them last and last - for periods of time that seem unbelievable to non-Tantric people. What's more is that these total body orgasms do not even require physical touch for some people; they achieve this great pleasure plateau simply through breathing and the powers of their minds. Of course, the total body orgasm is indescribable. It is said to be spiritual to the point where the practitioner feels as though they are indeed touching God, ultimate reality, or whatever else the individual believes to be the creative and sustaining force in the universe. Pretty heavy.

Further, when an individual becomes capable of this degree of body/spirit control and mastery, they experience unparalleled personal growth on a variety of levels besides the sexual one. It is the breath that is the focus of all meditative practices in essence. It is no different with Tantra. Our breath is our most profound connection to life. When you learn to be unfailingly conscious of your breath and your heart's utmost desires, you become more than you dreamed that you could. You touch the source of all life.

That is the essence of the Tantric orgasm. That is why it is so sought after. Besides, what else there in life that is both immeasurably rewarding while simultaneously so entertaining to practice and develop? Tantric sexuality and the way of Tantra in general can make your life into one never-ending total body orgasm. Now that is quite a way to go!

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Maya Silverman is an experienced writer and a keen advocate of the tranformational and fulfilling aspects of Erotic, Sensual and Tantric Massage for all individuals and couples. Unleash the Power of Touch today and experience more pleasure and intimacy, less stress, and increased energy.