How valuable would an extra hour every day be to you?

Ever found yourself saying "I just can't find the time or energy" or, "I am so tired at the end of the day I just can't do anything?" We'll this time management article is for you. This is part of the time management guide outlining the 7 secrets to Create an Extra Hour a Day?

So let's go through the steps quickly. The seven steps are:

1. There is no such thing as time management!

2. Time is for spending.

3. Crossing the knowing-to-doing GAP

4. Achieving Focus and Effectiveness

5. Tapping your Energy

6. Don't mistake activity for achievement!

7. Ready FIRE aim

Time Management Secret 5 in creating an extra hour a day is about Tapping your Energy.

Imagine if you had an extra hour a day given to you -- 7 hours a week more that you have now. And imagine you the same energy you have right now. How useful would the extra hours be without extra energy?

Energy is a critical element in creating an extra hour a day. Knowing about your energy enables you do the things you know you
need to do. Energy is physical, mental and spiritual. The mental and spiritual effects the physical.

Most people never stop to think about how they can control their energy levels. They just describe how they are feeling
– “I’m exhausted” “I just can’t be bothered” “I’m flat” “I’m excited”. BUT you are in total control of your energy!!
How would it feel to be able to have peak energy whenever you had an important meeting or presentation or family event?
How would it feel to know you have plenty of energy to complete an important task at the end of the day?

Imagine for a moment you have won an up market car – a BMW, Audi or Porsche (feels good hey!! :-).
You love driving the car. How often would you check the fuel gauge? Would you think about what fuel you put in?
For most people the answer to these questions is “everyday” and “yes – I’ll use premium (never regular or diesel).

Do you do the same for yourself – mentally, physically and spiritually?

So how do you tap in to your energy? You observe you energy gauges! Over the next week use an “energy diary”. The aim of this is to find out what is the best “fuel” for you to run on – physically, mentally and emotionally. Notice when your fuel tank is on empty AND what you can do to fill-up.

Actions: In the next 24 hours.

Buy a diary you can use as an energy diary for the next 2 weeks

Actions: In the next 2 weeks.

Write in your diary each day about your energy levels.

Notice when you energy is high and what contributed to the high energy.

Notice when you energy is low and what caused the energy drain.

Reflect on and write in your diary the impact of different foods and drinks, sleep patterns, exercise, water intake, tasks, work pressures
home stress, hours worked, whether you took breaks during your day.

Create a High Energy list and a Drains Energy list - use these lists to keep your energy high when you need to.

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