I have often wished to once again be able to see the world through the eyes of a child. The child has a natural curiosity and awe of the mysteries of the world. It wants to know the why and how of everything. It has prejudged nothing. All is fresh and new.

Then, life happens. Adults and other children remove the thrill of discovery from the child. Instead of its own naturalness, everything takes on the perspective that others have given it. This is sometimes good, often bad.

Children learn distrust, racism, anger, disappointment, jealousy, greed, mistrust and all the other bad things from adults and peers. They also learn some of the finer things of life. In many instances the child's natural curiosity and wonder become stifled.

We tell ourselves we would be unable to survive in this world without an adult point of view and training. Is this really true? I believe we could better enjoy life and living without the mistrust, disbelief, greed, jealousy, anger and so on we currently endure as adults.

A truly trusting and believing person will only be hurt if falsely expecting others to behave as they wish.

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Copyright 2001 by Robert Taylor
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