Today's attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon are yet another striking example of humankind's inhumanity to humankind. Is there no end to it?

When will we learn to live in peace with compassion for each other?

We must start with ourselves. Why? Because that is where everything begins and ends. When we become peaceful and compassionate we influence others to be the same. We must change our own characters and ideals to that which we must become if we are to set an example others are willing to follow.

It would seem that after thousands of years and untold technological improvements to our lives we would be able to live in peace with and have compassion for others.

The greed, envy, jealousy, anger, revenge, hatred, racism, extreme nationalism and all other evils of this nature we bear within ourselves must be removed and replaced with higher ideals and standards.

This is the only way we can stop such senseless and devastating attacks. Governments and laws are incapable of stopping inhumane acts. You have only to study history to see the truth of this. The only thing that will ever stop them is for humanity to change.

The roots of inhumanity are found in individuals, not nations or countries. As individuals change, actions change. When the individual's heart is set on a certain course of action the only thing that will stop it is either the death of that person or changes in the person's beliefs. The person's activities may be temporarily delayed by governments, laws or other individuals, but in the end the individual will prevail.

As more and more of humankind move toward peace and compassion, we will see less and less of inhumane actions. This will not happen overnight and we may not see it in our lifetimes. However, it is a step in the right direction.

We must remain strong and firm, yet humble, in our drive for universal peace and compassion. We must develop great patience. It takes time to remove and heal the evils listed above.

In the final analysis it is what we, ourselves, become that determines the direction of humanity. Will we be humane or inhumane? The decision is ours.

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Copyright 2001 by Robert Taylor
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