A number of people have decided to forego business as usual because of the recent terrorist attacks on the USA which have caused untold loss of life and property and enormous grief.

This has been another "shot heard around the world." The aftermath affects us all and will be far-reaching.

We must not let the dastardly acts of a few terrorists stop us in our tracks. That is precisely what they wished to happen. They wanted their acts of terrorism to paralyze us to prove the power of their actions.

We cannot close our eyes and pretend it didn't happen. It struck to the very core of our souls and hearts. The news coverage of these events has been in-depth and all- encompassing. There are few people on the face of this earth who cannot know of the attack and the collapse of the two towers.

The loss of innocent lives is so great it cannot be estimated at this point.

Where there are natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and hurricanes we provide all the assistance possible and do our best to return things to normal as quickly as we can. We do not allow our business activities to come to a halt.

This is not because we are uncaring, indifferent or greedy. Continuing business as usual provides needed services and goods and the work involved gives us a viable outlet for our grief and sorrow. The more one sits and thinks about the recent terrorist attack and its aftermath, the greater its impact on our thoughts and our economy.

If there has ever been a time in history when we need to be strong, united and enduring, it is now. We must have a strong economy and total solidarity. Our leaders need our whole-hearted support.

The intent of the terrorist is to frighten and paralyze those upon whom they perpetrate their acts. We cannot let them instil fear and paralysis in us. Should that happen we have given them victory over us and our affairs.

We come from hardy stock and are not easily frightened or manipulated. There is much pride and great humanity in our world. We have always become strongly united in the face of threats. That is our glory and that is our strength.

Difficult as it is at this time, let us get back to repairing the physical and mental damage done by the terrorists. Let us show them their acts are no more significant than the attack of a flea on an elephant. It is an irritant, but it is not frightening.

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Copyright 2001 by Robert Taylor
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