What is the mountain in your life? Or is it an entire mountain range? This basically applies to the challenges in your life.

We all have different challenges. Some of us have too much month and not enough income. Others have health challenges. There are those who have mental or physical impairments. Many have challenges which are only imaginary, yet seem perfectly real to them.

In a speech he gave after first attempt to conquer Mt. Everest, Sir Edmund Hillary turned to a picture of the mountain and said words to the effect "You can get no bigger, but I can."

Can you see how this also applies to the challenges we face in life? We can always grow to the point we can overcome our challenges.

It is self defeating to turn a molehill into a mountain. Keep the correct perspective and the molehill is easily defeated. Turn that molehill into a mountain and we have created a monster.

You tear down a mountain the same way you build it, one scoop at a time. Our challenges are not normally created overnight. They usually come together over a period of time. It then makes sense to destroy or overcome them a little at a time.

Taken as a whole your challenge may seem insurmountable. However, taken in smaller pieces it becomes manageable. It is often easier to handle smaller things than large ones.

Instead of asking why we are facing our current challenges, ask how we can overcome them. There is magic in asking how instead of why. How leads us to solutions whereas why keeps us locked in our challenges.

When we ask how we set our minds to thinking of solutions. Asking why keeps our thoughts on what is happening and bogs us down. We can overcome our challenges by reducing them to who, what, where, why and when, and then deciding how to overcome them.

Don't ask why you are poor, ask how you can increase your income.

Don't ask why you have poor health, ask how you can have excellent health.

Don't ask why your vehicle is a piece of junk, ask how you can get a quality vehicle.

Don't ask why you have a job that doesn't satisfy you, ask how you can get a job you truly enjoy.

Apply all of the above to the challenges in your life and see how quickly they are solved.

I wish you the greatest success in everything you do!

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Copyright 2001 by Robert Taylor
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