No human being is ever a failure. Things such as machinery, equipment and devices fail. People do not fail. The word "failure" should be never be applied to human beings. We did not fail to climb the mountain, we simply did not climb it for one reason or another.

There always have been and always will be people who are more successful at certain things than we are. This only means we did not accomplish things at the same level.

Basically, by society's standards those who have accumulated great wealth are considered successful. Is this really true? They may have poor marriages, bad relationships with their children and other people, deteriorating health and/or any number of different problems.

Can those who have not achieved great wealth be considered successful? What about those who have good health, great marriages, fine relationships and few problems, however constantly struggle with their finances?

Who in these two groups would you consider successful?

For a child success is taking those first steps when learning to walk and when they have developed the skill of riding a bicycle. For most teenagers it is learning to drive an automobile.

For an adult success can mean many things, such as wealth, health, wisdom, a new home, a new car, being able to provide for their family and any number of things.

All in all, it boils down to our perspective of circumstances and life. Virtually everything in life depends on our attitude toward it and our reaction to it.

Wealth, health, happiness and success are all in the mind. They do not exist independent of the mind. The person living at poverty level who has provided for the needs of the family is as great a success as one who has achieved great wealth.

Many homeless persons have somehow managed to maintain their dignity and feed themselves under conditions in which many of us would have simply given up. Are they successful?

You have just been separated from your source of income. Does this mean you are not successful? No! You still have all you have ever learned and are always capable of learning and doing more. That can never be taken from you. You can go on to greater endeavors.

Numerous books and articles have been written on achieving wealth and success. (Why do we always link these two together?) They all basically stress belief, visualization, affirmation, goal setting, meditation (prayer, quiet time), and a few obscure techniques.

In reality these apply to all areas of your life. They are not limited to wealth and success. In the end, it all comes back to your attitude and the manner in which you approach your life and the events and circumstances of it.

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