Fathers and daughters have a very special relationship. We’ve all heard the expression “Daddy’s Little Girl” and we all know daughters who have their dads “wrapped around their fingers.” This special relationship deserves acknowledgment, particularly around the time of Father’s Day. If you’re looking for a gift to honor the sacred relationship between a daughter and her father, see the list of ten ideas below.

1. What’s better than a letter to Dad that will last a lifetime? Visit personalizationmall.com and check out the Letter to Dad Personalized Heart for $32.95. This heart is made of sculpted crystal clear Lucite and measures 5 ½” x 5”. The gift giver needs to simply write a letter to her father and the message will be engraved onto this beautiful heart.

2. Daughters who realize that they gave their dads a run for their money can visit www.funt-shirts.com and purchase a funny shirt for her dad. Daughters can choose from a t-shirt for $24.99, a golf shirt for $26.99 or polo for $31.99. The only thing that is not optional is the hilarious and true printed phrase, which reads, “You Can’t Scare Me, I Have a Daughter.”

3. Dads and daughters can engage in a fun game that aims to bring them closer together. Daughters can visit fathers.com and purchase COM-MU-NI-CA-TION Dads and Daughters Game for $34.99. Dads and daughters can arrange to spend quality time together to play this game. The game is comprised of 365 fill in the blank statements that promote conversation and communication among dads and daughters. A few examples include “I’ll never forget the time you_____” or “The best present I ever received was _____.”

4. There are 100 reasons for daughters to choose this gift: The book Why a Daughter Needs a Daddy features 100 reasons for just $14.95. The author captures the roles, responsibilities and rewards of being a father to a girl.

5. If the gift giver has a very special photo, she can visit snapfish.com and have the photo printed on a product especially made for her dad. Daughters can choose from mugs, mouse pads, calendars, etc. Prices vary depending upon the product chosen, but the website provides reasonably priced and fast services.

6. Another option with a special picture is to frame it in a special frame. Thingsremembered.com sells a 5x7 Mixed Metal Symphony Frame for $19.99. This frame will look stunning with a personalized engraved message from daughter. (The personalization does add to the cost of the item and depends on the length of the message.)

7. A very classy dad deserves a classy gift. Redenvelope.com sells the “Dad cuff links” for $69.95. This set of cuff links is beveled square, classic and polished. The word “DAD” is discreetly etched into the corner of each cuff link. Dad can look at his cuff links and remind himself why he works so hard.

8. Dads will tell you that the one thing they want from their daughters is quality time. Quality time is a priceless gift. This year, daughters should think about events their dads enjoy doing (golfing, playing chess, taking a drive) and they should offer to accompany their dads in participating in that event.

9. Daughters can tap into their creative side for this gift. Daughters can write a poem, paint a picture or create a photo collage for their fathers. Personalize the gift by adding special memories, recalling specific traditions or including ticket stubs from events attended together, etc.

10. If daughters are running low on cash this year, they can always give their fathers a coupon for an act of kindness. Dads might like to see their daughters raking the leaves, mowing the lawn, or polishing their golf clubs. (It’s likely that dads will feel guilty enough to join in on this activity, making it quality time as well!)

Let’s be serious, a father will appreciate any gift that is given to him from his precious little girl. But if daughters are looking for inspiration for gift ideas for dear old dad, the above gifts will provide that inspiration. With the choices above, daughters can honor their fathers by sharing their humor, their sincerity and their time.

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