A couple of years ago, I heard someone say that the qualities which are necessary to succeed in business were of one kind, while those which are important in the realm of relationships were of another. Considering that the most (and don't forget, the longest) relationship we have is the one we have with ourselves, it may explain why business and professional people are often challenged when it comes to self-care. Don't mistake me. We (yes, I also find that as a business woman I must make a conscious effort not to fall into the trap) groom, and we go to the beauty salon, and the gym. We dress in nice, often expensive clothes. Some of us drive late model cars. The kind of self-care is am talking about refers to emotional, spiritual and physical self-care: an internal make over. All my business and professional clients show signs of being out of breath. Their lives are and have been for a while, a race. On the outside, they look like peaceful ducks gently flo! ating on the river. Underneath it all, they paddle like crazy and are getting very tired. Yet, they are afraid to let anyone see their struggle to fight the current. The consequences of this frenzy show up in the headaches, heartburns, insomnia, heart attacks, burnouts and other medical casualties we are all familiar with. They also show up in strained relationships, both at work and at home, as well as in the inappropriate use or abuse of either alcohol or other drugs, including the very addictve minor tranquilizers. All this has a negative impact on the business or the career.

There is a better way. A way which will give results that will stay with you for the long-term: strengthening your Personal Foundation is what I am talking about. Strengthening your Pesonal Foundation involves making a commitment to yourself to do what it takes to become so emotionally centered and grounded that your life will become effortless. As you know, the tallest builldings require the deepest footings. Same for people. The strongest your foundation, the higher you will be able to soar. Having a strong Personal Foundation requires working on a number of areas of your life. The first one I always ask my clients to start on is the Clean Sweep. The Clean Sweep covers your physical environment, your emotional life and your health, your financial health and your relationships. Do you tolerate messiness? Are you a TV junkie, or do you rely on caffeine or suger to keep going? What about money? Are you responsible with money? Do you have a Financial Reserve? Are yo! u on track to achieve Financial Independence or do you spend more than you make? What about your relationships? Do you nurture them? Do they nourish you?

A strong Pesonal Foundation is a solid bright place. It's a space where you can experience total peace. A problem-free zone. To get there you may need to first clean the clutter; then raise your standards; establish stronger, much stronger boundaries; re-evaluate whether you are living according to your values, instead of the shoulds.

Although working to strengthen your Personal Foundation is easier done with a coach, you can start on it by yourself, right now. First, you need to make a firm commitment to take the time to do the work. And keep that commitment as sacred. Then, pick one area which needs cleaning: your closet, your care, your hallway table, your office. Resolve to get rid of anything you don't need or use. File those papers. Get one small area totally perfect: just the way you want it. This will give you a Reserve of Space. Repair or replace one "thing" which does not work properly. Get rid of it and try to live without it. If your house, your care and your office are already spotless, try this: drop one project from your commitments: a volunteer position, a get together you no longer enjoy, one evening in front of the tv. Try cancelling one meeting this week. This will create a Reserve of Time.

Then lean back and imagine, really imagine how your life can be different once you have more room to breath and more time to do it. The rewards will overflow in your business life. I promise you that if you faithfully do the Personal Foundation work, your life will change. You will be happier. You will sleep better. Your relationships will improve. You will become more creative and all this will help you make better decisions which will affect your business and improve your bottom line. Try it and let me know the results you get.

Marguerite Tennier, M.A. is a Personal and Professional Coach who works with Business and Professional people to help them grow their business and get them a high-quality life. You may visit her site: www.canadascoach.com

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Marguerite Tennier, M.A., is a Personal and Professional Coach
who works with business and professional people from all over the world to help them develop professionally and achieve a high-quality life. You can reach her at marguerite@canadascoach.com. You may also visit her website: www.canadascoach.com