Here's another quick anecdote for us to learn by. One morning as I was waking up recently, lo and behold, here comes a hailstorm. Now, I have lived through hail the size of baseballs—the size of a hardball, not a softball. And I've seen hail go through windows. I've seen hail batter vehicles so badly it looks like they've been through a wreck and they've rolled several times.

So I didn't have any choice! I went running outside in my pajamas—didn't even have a hat on—and did the only thing I could do with my vehicle. I parked it under a tree. Now, it was a very early spring tree, so it didn't even have any leaves yet. I guess you'd call that a winter tree.

But I figured some protection is better than nothing. And I'm sliding through the yard, but I get up there. It's angled on a hill, but I get up. In other words, you're not going to find a person more positive than Ted Ciuba, I don't believe.

I just enjoy that outlook on life. I looked out there, and it wasn't about positive thinking, no. I was positive it was hailing and I was positive that it was not a wise deal for me to leave my vehicle out there and not take any steps to protect it, even though it didn't turn out to be that bad.

In other words, this is the PMA bashing that I want to point out. It's not about a positive mental attitude, as in "o-o-o-m-m-m-m." It's about being practical. It's about being resourceful. It's about doing the things in response to the situation that you need to do—and if need be, about not getting negatively, emotionally, involved. You just do what you need to because you're on target.

It's just like the rocket ship going to the moon. It knows when it's off course, and it just does a little correction—and that's all you do, too.

That's what positive mental attitude is!

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