How many times do you tell people “never give up” especially as parents, but do you practice this mindset yourself? When a challenge comes along and you don’t get it the first time, you should keep trying for at least one hundred times.

Think how successful you would be if you always did things one hundred times before you even thought about giving up. If this was put into your life at work, home, education and in martial arts, think of the things you could achieve. You might not even get there after one hundred times but think how much better you would be than just giving it one go and then saying “l’ll never do it”.

The human quality of perseverance is very important often people will talent fail because they lacked perseverance, be like a rock and just know you can achieve whatever you want, as long as you keep taking action and learning you can only go forwards and progress.
Remember a winner never quits and a quitter never wins!

I can always do better than I think I can
The many people who think “I can’t” are right they probably never will! All those who say I can and rise to the challenge, and always do better because they made it possible in their mind to themselves. If you can do 10 push ups, don’t settle for that, think I can do twenty. You might not reach twenty but now you have a goal to work towards and you have positivity and a challenge in your mind which makes you believe we can achieve more.

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Lee Mainprize is a 5th Degree Black Belt and Mens Health Magazine Expert martial arts teaching expert. He helps people learn martial arts online and provides martial arts training tips and video techniques.