The big news these days is the Presidential election; who is leading and who is not. Then we hear about the Super Delegates. The general public, who are the people that matter in any election, don't seem to know who these Super Delegates are.

There is rumor going around that your vote may not count if the Super Delegates have to get involved in choosing a democratic candidate. What a travesty if that matters? It is apparent that this election is one of the most serious one in the history of America and the world is watching.

Who do you think Iran and Iraq wants to win? The terrorists are watching it all unfold and may think that Americans are foolish to be going through so much for democracy. You hear about Barack Obama raising over thirty million dollars in one month to become our new President and Hillary Clinton loaning her campaign fifteen million of her own money to become the first woman President.

When I look at that I think of the poor and destitute families right here in America and think of how far those millions could go to feed them. I think of the people who are going through foreclosure and losing their homes and could just do with a year worth's of mortgage payment from those millions to get back on track.

I know it is the process, but can you imagine if you channeled our energy and resources where it is most needed? People have different objectives and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and John McCain are seeking something that seems illusive to some of us. They are in a race for a Presidency while there are some in a race for their lives. What is more important? I know you may say that the Presidency is important too and I agree, but is seems so lopsided when you think of things like hunger and lack of finances.

This may not have anything to do with writing since my blog is about writing, but my writing talent is used for various projects and this one is personal to me. I want everyone who reads this to think about the disparity in all this and to be accountable for making a difference. How do we know who is going to make change in America? We don't. The current President Bush proved that no one could be trusted. We have to take a chance. I do hope that whomever wins will think of those children that go to bed hungry and those mothers who have to be working two jobs to see their families survive. I hope the next President will have compassion on America and provide a way out of the foreclosure mess that a lot of people are enduring. I hope the next President is does not over promise and under deliver.

The current President George Bush is leaving a big mess in the White House so I guess we have to be patient with the incoming President, whether it is Obama, Clinton or McCain. It is going to take a lot of work to bring America back to a place of stability. On the other hand, we have to do our part.

If you can, take a mother in your neighborhood to the grocery store once per month or buy a bag of groceries and give it to her. Extend some kindness to a stranger whenever you get the opportunity to do so. Obama, Clinton, Bush and McCain are human beings with flaws like we have so we all have to help each other. Do your part. I promise to do mine.

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