Throughout each week I hear the same questions: How do I get more organized? What should I do and in what order? Who offers the best advice?

The purpose of this article is to help you start right now to discover the people, places, and things available to help you achieve your financial dream. First, an objective and positive update: there are many excellent sources of information to help you turn your dream into reality. The large number articles, websites and advisors, however, can overwhelm you with information. That's why I've broken down a rather large and sometimes complex subject into easily digestible bites.

This article will help you organize your thoughts into three sections, which I often refer to as the triad of focused activities. For each section, I've added my thoughts on what actions you should take. I suggest you use this list for a couple of reasons:

  • To encourage you to wrap your mind around what has the greatest influence over you and your business, and
  • To identify promising opportunities, which will prepare you to make informed choices.
  • While building the triad of focused activities into your life and business, you'll find the process is similar to that of crafting a three-legged stool; to function properly, all three legs must be designed and implemented to withstand daily use. As you think through each section of the triad, consider this question: What is my current level of mastery?


    The keys within this section form a solid foundation for your life and business. While you can find rare exceptions, research of successful people has revealed most have built their personal and professional lives on the following:

    1. Purpose

    2. Passion

    3. Wisdom

    4. Expertise

    5. Ideas

    6. Goals

    7. Diligence


    Your defined direction serves as the self-motivation that encourages you to step out of routines, over obstacles, and up to opportunities. A vast amount of information is available to help you in this section of the triad; however, I urge you to consider working these nine keys as a whole and not as individual pieces. When you reflect on how many you have already mastered, this is not as difficult as it might first appear.

    8. Process

    9. Vision

    10. Insight

    11. Map

    12. Barriers

    13. Focus

    14. Energy

    15. Expectations

    16. Opportunities


    Because building a business can be both fun and stressful, you may be tempted to pay less attention to forming your solid foundation and thinking through your defined direction. Like the three-legged stool, however, it's impossible to produce consistent and sustainable results without all three legs in place. I encourage you to follow the triad approach rather than just focusing on your business. When considering the adoption of a proven model, these five keys stand head and shoulders above all the rest:

    17. Generate Prospects

    18. Convert Prospects

    19. Sell More

    20. Expand Revenue

    21. Increase Margins

    At this point I suggest you go back through the list and consider your current level of mastery in each area. Think through which areas are propelling you forward and which ones might be holding you back. Your opportunity is to discover which of the 21 keys offer the greatest promise of accelerating your progress.


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