What do men really want from a woman?

Well, it’s impossible for one man to speak for all men. But almost all of us want companionship, sex, and love, not necessarily in that order.

Of course, many men like cars, and sports, and gadgets, but that’s not what this article is about. I’m talking here about relationships.

(1) Companionship is very important to us, because almost all men need feminine energy. Some of us are not able to express why we need a woman, but most of us feel incomplete without one!
Relationships between men and women that are not based on companionship almost always fail, because there are no points of interest other than sex.

Sex can keep a relationship going for quite a while, but a relationship based only on sex gets tiring, even for a man. The common denominator of all good relationships (not just opposite sex relationships) is friendship. Companionship leads to respect, and reinforces common likes and interests. Sex on top of that makes the relationship really, really good.

Of course there are men out there who haven’t a clue about their feelings, but even these men are looking for more than sex. The need for feminine companionship is strong within every man. How do you deal with men like that? I’ll have the answer in just a little bit.

(2) Men want women who are open and honest, and don’t hide their feelings. When a man asks you a question, he wants an honest answer. He needs to know where he stands with you. A man would rather be rejected outright by a woman than to be teased or lied to.

(3) Men like women who are feminine without being overly aggressive. A little aggression is great! But not too much, ladies. A man who likes a very aggressive woman probably has some kind of psychological problem. He’s the kind of guy that might eventually turn on you, or he’s a masochist. If you get into a relationship like that, you must understand who you are dealing with.

(4) Men like women who are independent and know their own mind, without overdoing it. Show me a man who likes a wallflower and I’ll show you a guy who is either insecure, or who is domineering and controlling. Is that the kind of relationship you want? It’s up to you!

(5) Men like women who can be themselves, and not put on a front.

Women often complain that there aren’t enough good guys out there. But how many women can just be themselves around men? Those who can will attract men who are compatible. Those who can’t will attract men who match that false front. And those kind of relationships won’t go very far.
I can sum it up like this: Men like women who like being women.

All women are beautiful in their own way. If a woman is physically beautiful, she will attract men. However, if a woman feels beautiful she will also attract men. If you don’t believe it, try it. You don’t have to dress to kill and have a perfect body to attract a good man. Of course, men love the physical beauty of a woman. But men are also attracted to the beauty of the feminine in general. And that is a beauty that every woman has. Men are physically attracted to all types of women: fat, thin, tall, short, you name it! Nature gave you the body you have; so be comfortable in it.

Do you know what sexy is for a man? It's being the woman you are. That may sound trite, but believe me, men LOVE to be with a woman who feels alluring. I can't explain it, but it's true.

My wife is 50 pounds overweight, but I wouldn’t trade her in for the hottest supermodel. Do you know why? Because she’s my best friend and companion. And because I love her. I love her because she can accept love. She wants me to love her, and I do. It’s the easiest thing in the world, because we are all made of love, deep down inside.

A man likes a woman who isn’t afraid to be who she is.

Being who you are will turn off some men. But these are the guys you WANT to turn off. These are the men who are not compatible with you, and who are not good companions for you. Relationships with men who do not see you as you are will be much more difficult and unsatisfying, so why not find out right at the beginning?

So ladies, the number one thing to remember is that being yourself is the very best thing you can do for yourself. And it is also the best way to attract the kind of man you really want to be with.

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Kenneth James Michael MacLean has written 8 inspiring books, over 100 content-rich articles, and produced two movies.
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