Study skills are a subject that is breezed over by students around the world. Each student has a different learning style that needs to be optimized. When you compare two students one seems to naturally grasp the importance of good study skills. Another student may face challenges because they don’t know were to start. Students need to get their minds focused on learning something new every day. It’s easy to see why students are distracted because study skills are taking second place to all of the technology. Students make sure that their ipods and cell phones are working. They offer a more convenient way to mentally escape from their obligation to study..

Teachers complain about their students poor study habits. Their student’s lack of study skills is clearly evident on the first test of the school year. Many students and parents struggle with having a good study plan. Of course most parents would love for their son/daughter to earn an A+ in every class. Most parents know the value of good study skills but they struggle to convince their student of its importance.

Good study skills begin with the altitude in the attitudes of students. A student with good study habits realizes that it takes time to memorize information and to give it a personal meaning. They know that studying for 20 minutes after school will not lead to success. Students need a study guide that will teach them how to study. Books such as the “Seven Secrets of How to Study” offer effective study skills strategies. Students need test taking tips that will launch them into a successful academic year. There are seven ways to optimize your study skills:

1. When you read the assigned text book write notes about important points.
Review your additional notes everyday.

2. You can improve your study skills memory by using 3 x 5 cards to review
important terms.

3. Create study skills activities that you will use every week. For example have a weekly session where you write down important facts on a sheet of paper using your memory alone.

4. Start your own study skills lesson plan for each subject. Your study skills lesson plan should include test taking ideas that you will use for each class.

5. Don’t allow test anxiety to creep into his emotions. Reduce your test anxiety by spending more time preparing for each test. Spread your test preparation time out over five days.

6. The main helpful study skills resource is your teacher or tutor. Don’t be too prideful to pursue help when you need it.

7. Write down notes on important facts so that you can review them the morning of your test. If you are involved in a math or science course write out all of the important formulas on one sheet of paper and review these formulas the morning of your next test.

Study skills as a way of life is the key to your success in school. Prepare a list of questions before you go to class. If your questions are not answered during class meet with your teacher or send an e-mail that contains your questions. You need to be pro-active in using creative study skills activities that tap into your own learning style.

Lastly, maintain a positive attitude and don’t let test anxiety overcome you. Expect to have success on every test and you will. A belief that you will fail will lead to failure. Develop a new study skills list each day and follow it. Implementing all of these study skills strategies will lead to a successful learning strategy and the best grades possible.

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For twenty-six years, Dr. Jones has delivered presentations on numerous topics including how to study, leadership, effective communication, and innovative management practices. He is the author of three books one is titled “Seven Secrets of How to Study” the second is the “Parent’s Ultimate Education Guide” and the third is the “Ultimate Scholarship Guide.” The book provides an easy understanding of the seven pillars that are essential to learning success in K12 schools and college. His URL is