We know that each individual on earth is guided by someone from the spirit world, even though many individuals are not aware of this fact. Many people go through their lives receiving spirit help but are absolutely unaware of that guidance, or its source.

Spirit guides, guardians and teachers play an important role in Spiritualism. Without them, there would be no communication (mediumship) with those who have passed on before us and we would know very little of the world we will all inhabit when we pass from this life.

Guardian attach themselves to us as soon as we are born and stay with us all of our lives. They try to help us over hurdles and impress us with the right sense of direction for our lives.

As we begin to develop in a spiritual way, we attract spirit guides who have been preparing themselves in the spirit world to be of service to humanity. They come back to the earth plane vibration to give their messages through mediums.

They usually strive to find instruments that will present their message in a manner that is in harmony with their own spiritual and mental development. This is the Law of Attraction (like draws to like). It is not logical to believe that Socrates, for example, would choose as his instrument one that knows nothing of philosophy and cannot even speak correctly.

A person who is not honest and truthful will often attract to themselves a guide who is not always careful of their statements. A medium that does not have a good vocabulary to draw upon in expressing themselves will cause spirit manifesting through their vibration to make the same errors of speech.

This cannot be helped. The manifestation always takes on so me of the individuality of the channel through which it emanates.

Mediumship is attuning our vibration to the spirit teachers and guides to form a strong, binding and lasting partnership based on love. The purpose is spiritual growth through service to humanity.

Everything in the universe is vibration, each form of life vibrates at its own point of evolution. Each plane from the physical to the highest spiritual has its own vibration. Each individual on these planes have their own personal vibration.

With mediumship we are endeavouring to help those who are earnestly seeking to find their true selves and open the doors of spiritual awareness. We can give them guidelines to unfold their talents with the spirit, which are our divine heritage.

Author's Bio: 

Judy Merrill is an educator, writer and curriculum Developer/Tutor of courses in Basic and Advanced Modern Spiritualism, Mediumship Understanding & Development, Spiritual Healing. Judy's efforts have defined standards of excellence for Spiritualism workers across Canada. She has been responsible for encouraging students for certification in speaking, demonstrating, healing as she traveled across Canada bringing her message.

Judy founded Church of Spiritual Wisdom as a center for learning and growth. The center certifies the workers in Spiritualism and sponsors its ministers for marriage rites in Ontario.
Judy Merrill has written 2 books on spirituality for the seeker. She also contributes regularly to magazines in Canada, US, and England.

Judy Merrill is an accomplished Motivational Speaker and Demonstrator available for large or small groups. Motivational speaking leads the seeker to find their own path through the tools of consciousness offered. She has been taped for media attention.