Sometimes I'll look at someone's cards and see quite clearly that they were victims of abuse. When I mention it, they draw a blank. They'll say their mother and father were pretty good to them, and that they get along well with their spouse and they don't know what I mean.

It could be a past life, but it looks to me like the current one. "Where is the violence from?" I ask. You're lying face-down and there are 6 swords stuck in your baxk. Did your parents hit you a lot? Has a co-worker done you in?"


I take another look, and what I see is children. The person with the swords in the back is a child, and the one who stabbed them is a child.

I see sibling abuse a lot in people's readings, more than I'd like to. It has so much influence on a person, I can see it in the cards. It can have a lifelong effect, and imagine particularly if it isn't named, because then there's no way to heal it.

The Trickster card sometimes shows up for the person whose sibling - older, bigger, smarter or all of the above - was continually pulling the wool over their eyes, like the Magician, distracting them while they steal the cookies, or legos. This is like the big brother telling the baby brother, "There are maggots in your cupcake." Then taking it and eating it himself.

If they've been constantly subjected to physical abuse from a sibling, one who pulled their hair, bit, kicked or hit them every change they got, I'll see the Fool card at the midpoint, next to the Situation card.

The worse sort of abuse, though, is emotional abuse. That's when the Magician is the last card I pull, and at the bottom of the cross. Above it will be the Sun card, with the picture of the little child on it. Emotional abuse is the worst, because it's the hardest to get over. The emotional scars go deeper, disfigure more, and last a lot longer.

Physical abuse - your brother sitting on your head, or pushing you down the stair is a 1st degree burn. Put some ice on it, then a bandage. Two days later you're fine. A sibling who emotionally abuses another, that's a 3rd degree burn. The face if disfigured, an ear might be missing. It requires reconstructive surgery.

What I've found, from years of reading for people, is that nobody things of sibling abuse as abuse. Spirit will tell me the person has endured pain in childhood, but the person themselves can't get to it because they think that's just childhood, just the way it is.

I'll often see signs of continuing dissension now the siblings are adults. Those things rarely heal if the parents allow it to continue, or ignore it, thereby condoning it.

It's good to see this in a reading because it can be the beginning of the healing. Often the person I'm reading for has children of their own and if we want to read a good future, the person needs to become consciously aware of this in their past, and then they have the opportunity to correct it, so it isn't in their children's future. Usually it will continue on, unless consciously addressed. "The sins of the father are visited on the child." That's what that means. It isn't your "fate," unless you don't know it. Then it will be your fate.

More people are realizing this, so more people are getting readings. It's the Information Age. A reading gives you the most important information - the kind you can't get a single other place.

Readings can tell you lots of important things about your future. They are not a diagnosis of the future, unless you are mindless or unconscious, in which case you will be destined to fulfill what's in the cards. That's fine if you like what I see.

If you are mindful, if you become aware of something, you can change - yourself, it, something else, -- if you change one thing, the whole picture changes. This is like Chaos Theory. Change one thing, it all rearranges.

Whenever someone says to me, "I knew I was right not to marry him. He became an alcoholic," I'm sad to say that isn't true. He became an alcoholic because of precisely what happened up to the current point in time. Maybe he was a Pisces, and had a trauma during his Saturn Return. If she had married him, it changes every single thing. The dynamics between the two of them might have been different, or she might have insisted on living in a small town with no stress or night life, which helped him stay sober, or maybe she was the type who would've gotten him into rehab easily. You never know. He also might have become a cocaine addict if she had married him. Predicting outcomes is very specific. That's why we read often.

And that's why it's great to get readings. I always say "forewarned is forearmed."

It turned out the person I was reading for when I saw the Sibling Rivalry, was unconscious about it, and so was letting the same thing go on with her kids. She said, "I thought it was just the way kids are, families are."

It definitely is not. Being sister and brother is a special relationship, or can be, where you have a lifelong friend and source of support. I talk to more people who don't associate with their siblings or can't stand them, than have special brother and sister relationships, and that's a shame.

I'm always happy when I can see something that shines a light into the corners and lights a candle for a happier future.

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