Let’s face it, not everyone is going to be able to become a mother and experience the act of creation. Not only are some of us men, there are plenty of women who don’t create in that way. But that doesn’t mean that these many worthy souls are left out of the process of creation.

Much like a child is created from a woman’s physical resources, our creative acts can be like our children, which is why many artists say they can’t choose a favorite from among their works. When we create, we are bringing through us something, that began only as an idea, out into the world where it can take on a life of its own.

It may or may not involve the intimacy of partnership -- but may be more like the interplay between an artist and their audience or even their muse. Men may participate differently in the process of child-making then women do, but all of us can still engage in the act of creation, nurturing something to life.

Creativity is a function of the second chakra, which is located in the area of the womb, or in men, where the womb would be. It is the center of life force in the form of creativity, sex and power . Authors Carolyn Myss in her book Anatomy of the Spirit and Julia Cameron, in The Artist’s Way agree that like the real thing, “creative abortions” can have deep emotional consequences, but when that power is harnessed, it can make an incredible positive impact on the way we live our lives.

Whenever we have an idea or goal that we bring into reality, we are vehicles for their manifestation and are therefore we are all creators. We create with the thoughts, our words, our choices and our actions. Whether our canvas is a motorcycle, a garden or software, we are creating our world from our thoughts. When we can do so consciously, we can each make our lives our own works of art.

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