Notice the word "action" within the Law of Attr - action...

Action is very important in the manifesting process. I believe it is not emphasized enough in the movie "The Secret." They mention taking action here and there throughout the movie. However, taking action is essential to using The Law of Attr - action to manifest.

I teach the principles of The Law of Attraction when coaching my clients. I've found that many of my clients seem to have a misperception that they don't have to do anything to manifest something they want. It's as if they could just sit in their living room and think and feel good about what they want and the mailman will deliver it to them. However, it doesn't quite work that way. Although this is one way to manifest and it is possible for it to happen like this, there is a way to speed up the process of manifesting. It's called taking inspired action.

I use the example of 2 magnets. Have you ever played with magnets? If you have then you may have noticed there is an attractive energy on one side of the magnet that pulls them together. If you let both of the magnets go at the same time you will notice both of the magnets are moving(Action) towards each other. As one magnet moves (taking Action), the other magnet moves (taking Action).

Thus, it is very much like this when you are using the Law of Attr - action to manifest something you want. As you move (taking Action) towards what you want, it will move towards you.

Once you clearly identify what you want, I encourage you to take small action steps towards what you want and pay attention how what you want moves towards you as you move towards it. It will happen if You Take the Action.

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