The Law of Attraction is a Universal Principal that is *always* working in our lives... always and all ways!

Whatever we focus on becomes our experience. I would also expand that statement to include, whatever we focus on, are passionate about, and... believe and expect to receive... are what we will attract.

Here's where the big hang-up is with conscious creation and deliberately attracting what you what. A good deal of 'conscious' creation is sub-conscious creation!

Think of the mind as a computer. We're born and we've got a zillion-gig hard drive just waiting to be programmed. Mom and Dad, our first 'authority' figures, will start uploading the data. Hey, they're just innocently programming your mind the same way their parents lovingly did for them. Do this, don't do that, this is right, this is wrong, that will happen, watch out for...

And then we grow and download additional programming.

There is the programming of our family, friends, school, and TV, the media, and religion, and government, and the medical profession, and life experiences... and the list goes on and on.

Now we have a head full of programming or beliefs and we download more and more every day!

Depending on our circumstances, the type of programming we received (love or fear-based), and the degree of influence these 'authority' figures had on us, these belief systems we hold can either serve us or hinder us.

The majority of us encounter the latter as we live in a fear-based world.

Oh, but we are not doomed!!!!

The other ingredient in the Law of Attraction recipe is our emotions, the passion mentioned above. Any emotion we feel/think will fall into one of two categories: positive or negative. I like to use, love or fear.

Here's how you can change your programming!

If we always choose an intention, or an action, that is based in love, we will *always* attract what is best for us/all.

Life is always about choices and so is the art of conscious creation. Make your intentions love-based and you will become a water faucet hooked-up to source energy. You'll be turned wide-open with creative energy flowing into your life, and the lives you touch.

Now you're really connected and attracting love and abundance into your life... always and all ways.

Copyright (c) 2008 Tom Murasso

Author's Bio: 

Tom Murasso is a self-empowerment author and trainer. Visit his website for additional information and lots of free resources on the power of the mind and conscious creation.