“The greatest adventure of your life is finding your own rhythm and dancing to it.” ~ E.B.

Balance - to be in equilibrium
Equilibrium - a state of balance between opposing forces
Homeostasis - the tendency of a living organism or system to maintain balance
Polarity - the tendency to turn, grow, think, etc. in opposite directions

Reclaiming our inner balance

If we are looking at life as acting on us, we attempt to bargain with it, yielding to what we are taught to yield to, in order to keep the peace outside of us, with our environment, not realizing we yield our own nature of maintaining inner balance, homeostasis and dishonoring our true spirit. From this state, we search to regain inner balance by attempting to balance what is in the world around us. This is backwards. This stems from the polarized mind. On the other hand, if we are perceiving life as an expression of us, we focus on creating inner balance first, honoring inner peace above all that appears to be outside of us. In truth, the only place we can create peace is within ourselves. Perhaps the only place we create anything at all is "inside" us. An idea, concept first, then projected into the holographic world, imprinted on it with our thoughts, the thought-energy that forms the holographic image, thus light in-formation… knowledge, thoughts in-form. This is indeed an art.

Some cultures have become lost in the polarized mind and by default, teach to sacrifice our own inner balance, our own truth in order to ‘survive’. This is a great dishonor to the human spirit, for it is in honoring and nurturing our inner truth, our innate balance that we are born with, that we reach beyond the illusory limitations that the human (polarized) mind has believed in and thus created its world out of for thousands of years. Nothing is more powerful, more truly Peaceful than the Spirit that guides us all and Is us. We are the Spirit that creatively expresses and experiences this world. This is where the saying 'you are in the world but not of it' comes from.

"The greatest compliment we can give God/the One Spirit is to honor our own spirit." - EB

Inner balance and thus inner peace is our most natural state, but because many of us have learned inner conflict as a way of life instead, a way to survive, we have forgotten this. Luckily it's only a choice away to return to our natural state of peace and joy, but it is us who must choose it now. You are the only one who can claim (or reclaim) your own peace and joy, honoring your spirit in being here. This is how we heal, return to remembering our wholeness.

Author's Bio: 

Writer, photographer, traveler and Nature-guided therapy coach, Elaine Bolduc has been on the body-mind-spirit integration path for over 25 years. An explorer at heart, Elaine's greatest love is being in nature, allowing the True Spirit to show itself without limitations and learning the infinite wisdom It has to offer. Through the guidance of nature and the One Nature/Spirit, Elaine has learned how to clear the old conditioned foundation of mental patterns, allowing the Truth of the One Spirit of us All to shine through as the Infinite Love It is, expressing itself through each unique individual. Please visit her website at www.peacefulinspirations.org.