As with all things worth doing, sensual massage takes attention, care and practice to perfect. The art itself is a journey towards greater and greater destinations.

A simple relaxation rub, or tension busting deep muscle massage does not awaken the sexual centres in quite the way an attentive, full body, erotically charged massage can.

Sensual, or Tantric massage is an art dating back thousands of years. The techniques and goals have changed and evolved over the millennia and each practitioner must make the practice their own, but the basics of this ancient art remain constant.

Your initial goal is to encourage a relaxed and open state of mind. Eliminate stressful input, by dimming lights, lighting candles and, if you like, playing some soft music.

Encourage your lover to turn their energies and attentions inward, to their physicality and their essential sexual being. As you touch each part of their body, concentrate deeply on the sensations you bring, on the goal you work towards.

Keep your hands and oils warm. A sudden shock or surprise can undo all the work you have done before. Maintaining contact with their body at all times, pay particular attention to the imaginary line from the top of their head to their genitals.

You may wish also to pay attention to their fingertips, the soles of their feet and other areas densely populated with nerve endings. Sensual massage is an essentially empathic art, and I encourage you to go with your instincts.

Remember always that this is something you do for your partner, and do everything in your power to keep within their boundaries of comfort and pleasure. You will be putting a great deal of energy into this experience and it is disappointing when a misstep, or a boundary crossed forces a restart or abortion of the procedure.

Pay particular attention to the body language they exhibit as you approach and interact with your partners sex centres. They are now fully open to you and this is your chance to blow them away. Continue to go slow and take your time. I promise you, the power of a drawn out, fully sensual orgasm is an experience well worth the wait.

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Author's Bio: 

I’ll like to introduce myself – I’m Guido Harris and I have been a freelance writer for a number of years. The focus of my work has been sexual pleasure and techniques, especially those focusing of the exploration of our innate sensuality – i.e. the pleasuring and stimulation of all 5 senses: sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.

I discovered erotic massage 3 years ago and without sounding OTT – it has transformed my life. I have since delved into many other massage art forms such as deep tissue, sensual, tantric, - all of which require focus, intention and consideration for the self and the beloved.