According to, a web site managed by the United States Small Business Administration, the federal government does not provide grants for starting a business. However, the web site further reveals that they do provide some financial support that makes it easier for small business owners to obtain low-interest loans and venture capital financing.

While it is very notable that the U.S. Government has some type of financial help for small businesses, the questions remains: If the federal government isn't giving out actual business grants, then who is?

The answer is simple. State governments, city governments, counties, community organizations, and major corporations all give out business grants. Some are done monthly, and others do so on a annual basis.

At a time when major corporations are receiving federal bailouts, it is very common to see small businesses looking for financial assistance as well. Unfortunately, a bad economy makes it near impossible for many to even qualify for loans - let alone venture capital. So the only bailout that small businesses can really turn to are, in fact, business grants.

The difficulty, though, with business grants is that the opportunities are generally not heavily publicized. Secondly, those searching for business grants through the web can find themselves in an endless pit of information that is either expired, a scam, or just plain useless.

The National Institute of Business Grants (NIBG) has recently launched a site at that educates entrepreneurs and business owners about business grants. They can learn what exactly they are, how to apply for them, where to find them, and other FAQs. The site also features a listing of relevant resources, experts, and recent news and commentary that the media has published about business grants.

Whether or not business grants for small businesses are considered to be the equal of the federal bailouts that major corporations are receiving, is yet to be determined. Regardless, many agree that it's better than nothing.

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