All things in the universe are, and remain, in balance –– that is the natural impetus of all things. When steam runs out of a shower, for example, the temperature equalizes in the room. In weather systems, an area of high pressure will flow into an area of lower pressure. The planet rotates, causing night to follow the day, and so on.

In human societies, dark balances light at the level of consciousness of the participants.

On the earth today there is a small rogue faction, representing a force that has been present upon the planet since the collapse of the last great earth civilization many thousands of years ago. This force is not necessarily a balancing force, but something unique to earth, and, like a cancerous cell, manifests itself –– as do all things, according to universal laws –– at the vibrational level of humanity. This force has tried to manipulate humanity and exercise domination over it.

This attempt has failed.

Actually it has succeeded, for the end result of the effort to direct humanity down a darker path has been, predictably, a coming together, a movement toward the Light. During the 20th century, this rogue faction manifested itself in the country of Germany. WW I, WWII, and now the intelligence wars that have been continuing for the past 60 years, all of this has been a futile attempt by a small, determined (but spiritually confused) elite –– who understand the nature of intention and the Law of Attraction –– to once more establish a controlling power, this time on a planetary scale.

This struggle has been fought in the subtle realms of thought and consciousness, and has manifested itself in wars, and a battle for political and economic control of humanity.

The collapse of the Bernard L. Madoff investment scam (and other developments) is just one example of deeply buried memes within the species consciousness bubbling to the surface, and becoming exposed to the light of truth. The truth will come out, more and more of it, at a faster and faster pace, over the next 3 – 5 years. We are living at the end of another cycle of earth history, with the potential again for release of old straight–jacketing memes that have kept humanity in a self–made prison for millennia. The denouement, the crescendo, is here.

Now, at last, the human race has pushed the vibrational momentum inevitably toward the light, and a new future for the entire planet. Congratulations!

Long ago, events occurred within the planetary consciousness of earth that stored powerful, destructive memes within the planetary grid. The discovery of precisely what these events were is pointless, for to do so is to match our consciousness with them, thus perpetuating them. This has been the downfall of many mystery schools, secret societies, and seekers of Truth as they have tried to recover lost knowledge, and have been sidetracked down dead end paths. These events occurred before humanity rose to prominence in its current manifestation, and were somehow programmed into the planetary collective consciousness.

These events did not proceed from a natural disaster, such as the Great Flood of the Bible, flipping of the magnetic poles, or the gigantic meteor that struck the planet millions of years ago. Then, life was almost destroyed upon the surface, but the planet recovered, for natural disasters do not severely impact the planetary consciousness. Natural disasters are a cleansing, and occur as a result of the planetary consciousness, influenced by all species upon it.

The new religion of our age is science, which perfectly reflects our level of awareness. Many of our current scientific beliefs have grown out of, and are rooted in, a low–level consciousness and a very limited awareness of the universe, and mankind’s relationship to it. But there is a growing awareness, even in science, of new possibilities, and new ways of viewing the universe.

Much of our older technology, you might have noticed, is explosive and confrontational. Our internal combustion engines pressurize and explode flammable fuels to generate power. We forcibly extract minerals from the soil and force them together with heat and pressure to form alloys and basic construction materials. Our rocket ships explode pressurized gases and force the spacecraft violently past the gravitational barrier. But at the same time, a new communications technology has also created a world–wide network (internet) and instant messaging platform that has united the people of the world. This new technology reflects our increased awareness.

The old consciousness has been reflected in our political and economic history during the current cycle of civilization. A study of history shows that a parasitical and destructive group always exists side–by–side with those creative and inspirational people who build positive and productive societies. This situation is described perfectly in the legend of Camelot, where Mordred and his ilk take down the enlightened political leadership.

The continuous rise and fall of civilizations is not a universal law of growth, but a result of this low–level consciousness. It is a peculiarity of the earth and its unique planetary consciousness.

The events that affected the planetary/race consciousness are buried deeply within the psyche of mankind, but have now risen to the surface in the current world financial crisis, as a result of the increase in awareness brought about by a huge and rapid population increase. All of the old memes are coming up for inspection and release: domination, control, power, greed, and revenge, all based on the underlying memes of scarcity and unworthiness. As the background vibration of humanity rises, it causes an increase in the speed of the flow of events and their manifestation. The human race is essentially undergoing a group psychological counseling session, examining old beliefs and observing their rapid manifestation and release.

The current situation, while it appears negative, is actually a very positive development. The outgoing administration in the United States attempted to reestablish old memes with the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, and references to the homeland, a not–so–subtle mimicry of the German Nazi state of 70 years ago. The rogue elements within humanity are now concentrated in the intelligence communities within the various nations. This is also a positive development, for the core of this criminal element is now isolated. When a cancer is isolated, it can be removed, just as the immune system of the body isolates unwanted material into a cyst. This development is a direct result of the new consciousness.

When the people finally understand that these intelligence organizations contain the criminal elements that have corrupted their governmental and economic structures, an “operation” can take place to remove the offending elements. This operation, however, must not apply the old memes; otherwise, the next cycle will become contaminated and the pattern will repeat itself once more.

Vibrationally speaking, every “solution” to a problem that involves killing, violence, conflict, aggression, revenge, etc., promotes the old agenda and vibrationally reinforces the old memes. Those who promote this agenda understand this very well, and have tried to provoke reactions that match their vibration, chaining humanity to the old pattern. (You do not need me to tell you who these people are –– just observe the world stage and its players, and make your determination based on deeds. A knowledge of the Scale of Emotion/Vibration is very helpful in this determination.See the article "Emotion" at

To these people, even the destruction of the political and economic structures which they control is acceptable, because it keeps the old memes in place. This is precisely what is occurring as you read this, as the world’s financial and political institutions –– vibrationally based upon the old memes –– have become stretched to the breaking point. The rise in the background vibration driven by the new consciousness, like a colon cleanse, forces out the impacted memes. It looks disgusting, but it is vitally necessary!

The idea that the destruction of society and its institutions would be acceptable to anyone, is, of course an irrational and repugnant idea for those of us on the spiritual path. But it is perfectly understandable vibrationally, for what has been destroyed can then be rebuilt at the same level of consciousness. This is how a lower vibration must perpetuate itself societally and organizationally. Put yourself into the shoes of someone who favors domination and control. To control large numbers of people you need organizations, but these organizations have a tendency to grow cooperatively. For the thousands to control the billions, that growth must be artificially manipulated to benefit those at the top. That forces incongruities and blockages which, like a diverted river that eventually spills over its banks, causes the structure to collapse. Then you have to start all over again.

What is the solution? Well, in the movies, the good guys grab their swords and fight the bad guys, showing that light overcomes the darkness. This is the crux of the matter, dear ones. It is a false paradigm, based upon the old memes, and will lead to a perpetuation of the status quo. Every time you use one of the old memes as your solution, you vibrationally reinforce them in your consciousness. That is why Jesus the Christ said that we must “turn the other cheek.”

A true rise in consciousness will establish a background vibration wherein such destructive irrationalities are no longer possible.

The dark actors are forcing the enlightened world community to practice what we preach! They are providing us with the perfect environment for a quantum leap in consciousness.

Look for it! Anticipate it! Create it in your own lives! And watch the breakdown of the old structures, and the rise of the new. It is happening, right now, before our eyes.

The answer to the question, “what can I do to survive these times in love and abundance?” is to practice these ideas in your daily life. Make them a mainstay of your thoughts, words, and actions. Spiritual warriors across the globe are creating the new consciousness, but this is an invisible process, for thought is not visible. In these end times, you must follow your feelings, and trust them. The feelings of love, compassion, and generosity are the powerful forces that are directly responsible for the positive transformation of our species and our planet.

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