Each moment is a new beginning. The universe is endlessly creating new moments and new aspects. Each "NOW" of the universe, of the Great Goddess Mind, is an infinite expression of new beginnings.

The expression of moments is sometimes held within the focus of time. This leads you to assume that there is a past and a present to your life. In your assumption of this, moments seem as though they are strung together in a chain of events that rely upon each other for continuity. The All is continuous. As beings of the All, you are also continuous.

Moments and experiences, when held in a focus, create your memories. This gives you the supreme opportunity to understand. It is this understanding which can guide you to live even an greater life. If you understand that your life on this world is comprised by a series of moments, then you can seize a "now" and declare it a new beginning. You can still hold your memory of all that has preceded this "now." This is not lost. Yet, you can craft a new beginning, by declaring this instant a new experience.

Your heart knows that every moment is new.
Your heart knows that you can begin anew in every minute of your life. Therefore, you can follow your heart into a new beginning.

If you could create a new beginning in your life, who would you be, now?

If you could act in accord with who you know yourself to be, what would you do right now?

If you could suspend your preconceived ideas and responsibilities, how would you proceed in life?

Think of all the decisions that you made because you held the present as though it was an offshoot of your past. Think of all the choices that were generated by your concepts of the past and its hold on your present. Do these thoughts provide you with a freedom and exuberance about your future? Because each person is seemingly locked in the idea that each moment is predicated on the one before it, it appears there is no chance for a new beginning because of all that has preceeded this individual slice in time. This is so for individuals and for the world at large.

Now, think about this moment, as though you have endless opportunities to begin life. Think of this "now" as singular and boundless. Imagine that no matter what has preceded this instant, that you can begin everything, right now. Please, take the time to imagine this!

Enter into the possibility of your life as a new beginning. It takes courage and playfulness to explore the beginning of your life. It takes humor and generosity with yourself. In all that you have been and done, each moment was always a new beginning. It is in the understanding and recognition of this Divine state, that you can seize the beauty of your being and awaken to the joy of your life!

May beauty surround and fill you!

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