“Jesus stands before me and says, “Come,” extending his hand out to me. Standing, I take His hand and walk with Him a short distance where a merry-go-round appears before us in its colorful splendor. The carousel was adorned with beautiful crystal lights and multi-colored flags that waved in the breeze. The horses, painted in beautiful, vibrant colors all gleaming with a shiny finish and trimmed in gold, spun round and round before us. I then saw myself on one of the horses and realized that I was now playing in “the circle” - the circle of abundance. I was correctly using the Laws of Attraction and Abundance to assist myself in my goals.”

There’s nothing wrong with attracting the energy known as money. Nor is there anything wrong with being abundant. But, using the abundance for the “right” reason will greatly enhance the probability that you will attract the level of abundance that you find necessary.

For instance, if you need a few hundred dollars to pay an unexpected bill, and you then use the Law of Attraction out of greed, and attempt to manifest one thousand dollars, you can be pretty certain that you will be met with frustration. You will most often find that what you’ve manifested is exactly what is needed, or very close to it. Your heart asks, in truth, for assistance from spirit and spirit answers your call, knowing what you truly need. Also, the universe is ever abundant. There’s plenty for all, at all times. If you need more at a later date, manifest more and you will be provided for. Jesus says it best, “Ask and it is given…”

The more often you use the Laws of Attraction and Abundance, the more you will find that spirit has offered you the opportunity to use them. Begin manifesting small things and when the time comes, if you’ve done the homework, you’ll know when you’re ready to face greater challenges. At this time you’ll have come to the understanding that when there’s strong emotion behind the manifestation, when you feel the presence of your desired outcome within your being, you will have found the key to these Universal Laws. As James Twyman writes in The Moses Code, there is no difference between manifesting something small or large - the perception is yours. Can you accept the grand item you desire? Do you deserve it? If you look within and can see these doubtful questions, using the Law of Abundance and manifesting on a lesser scale might be the best place for you to begin.

That being said, everything you do, or want to achieve, doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag, an uncomfortable amount of hard work nor a prolonged commitment. Though it may not always be easy, you too can learn to allow the Circle of Abundance to flow in its natural rhythm.

Riders, mount your horses! Your carousel ride is about to begin. Are you brave enough to reach for the golden ring?

© 2008 L. Bousson

Author's Bio: 

Rev. Lisa Bousson is a Spiritualist Minister, Psychic Medium, Spirit Channel, and owner of In-Sight Ministries. The Carousel of Attraction s an excerpt from Walking with Jesus; Lessons Along the Pathway, a spirit channeled book by Rev. Lisa Bousson. Contact Lisa at www.lisabousson.com